Dreamcast for sale.

Here we present all the Dreamcast items we have in stock at present. We sell even the smallest component for the Dreamcast since literally anything could go wrong with your machine it’s our mission to keep you enjoying your console. All items are shipped from the UK so the best shipping quote will be used to save you money. All orders are through PayPal to cover both Dreamcast Today and you, the buyer. We ship worldwide.


Dreamcast Power Switch – this item is very useful if your switch no longer primes the power board or you’ve broken the plastic part of your switch, this one has the power board wire attached also, so it’s just a case of plug and play. £5 (please email mic.films@hotmail.com to order)


Maple Bus to Main Board ribbon cable – this is used to connect the controller board and motherboard together to keep information communicating, a delicate item that can easily be perished but not easily sourced. £5 (please email mic.films@hotmail.com to order)


Dreamcast interference shield / GD Rom seat – This metal plate is essential to deflect interference from the Dreamcast Main Board and also keeps the GD Rom Unit securely in place under the casing, maybe yours has rusted away or warped? This one is perfect. £7 (please email mic.films@hotmail.com to order)


Dreamcast replacement casing – this shell is really handy for those looking to custom paint a DC console but have a machine with a nice white shell. These shells are quite yellow and as such would really only suit custom work the include the front controller grill and also the modem port. Also a blue PAL swirl is on top of the machine £6 (please email mic.films@hotmail.com to order)


Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit – the Dreamcast VMU is essential for saving your software and can easily fill over time, these fresh 200-block cards are just the trick to keep you playing, they have been fully cleaned and formatted and are ready to go. £4 (please email mic.films@hotmail.com to order)


Half-Life Dreamcast – It’s well documented that the Dreamcast version of Half-Life was cancelled within weeks of it’s official release, what I have here is the version that is freely available on the internet but it’s in a self booting disc format so it’ll work straight in your DC console from any region it’s disc only but really needs to be played by all Dreamcast players £15 (please email mic.films@hotmail.com to order)


Dreamcast Maple Bus Controller Board – These are quite a problem for some Dreamcast owners, there seems to be a fuse on the board that goes and leaves the controllers and VMU’s unresponsive by the machine. This replacement part solves all that and is just plug and play, it even includes the controller board to motherboard ribbon cable. £OUT OF STOCK (please email mic.films@hotmail.com to order)



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