Dreamcast facts.

Throughout the world when gamers get together to talk about consoles and games there are often misinformed arguments about various facts based around the sixth generation console war, sure Sega dipped out early but let this page aid you in some bite-sized factoids about the Dreamcast.

  • The Dreamcast pioneered online gaming as a viable, mainstream option for multiplayer gaming and content delivery.
  • Three years before Eye Toy was introduced, Sega had the Dreameye Digital Camera that allowed gamers to chat online and use in software at a later date.
  • The Dreamcast sold 9.6 million units between 1998-2001, Sega ran out of resources  and this is the sole reason the Dreamcast was discontinued.
  • Dreamcast licensed games continued to be released until 2007 in Japan, around this time both the Xbox and Gamecube’s software production was discontinued.
  • As of 2017, if you counted independent releases as ‘support’ the Dreamcast would have outlived the PS2 also, this would mark it as the only 6th generation machine with an active release schedule.
  • The Dreamcast’s Fishing Rod peripheral can be used with Crazy Taxi and Soul Calibur.
  • Many first wave 6th generation titles were first planned or conceived on Dreamcast.
  • The Dreamcast does not run on Windows CE – it’s only compatible with software ported from the PC using the Windows CE platform.
  • The operating system for Dreamcast is not built in and is actually shipped on the software.
  • The famous Dreamcast ‘swirl’ was a different colour depending on what region the machine was from, PAL regions had blue, North America / Japan had orange and Canada had red.
  • The console was the first to properly support VGA cables
  • Dreamcast would have originally had various multi-purpose peripherals like the DVD and Zip Drive add ons and also a VMU that also doubled up as an MP3 player.






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