Retro Fighters Dreamcast Controller Takes To Kickstarter.

It’s been a while since the Dreamcast featured in some good ol’ fashioned Kickstarter action, truth be told – we thought many creators were shying away from the platform in recent times, we know as potential backers, we have since some projects we’re still waiting on, years after being funded.

However, should you get the urge to splash some cash down, there appears to be a new DC controller doing the rounds. The Retro Fighters controller aims to right (what it sees as..) the wrongs that the original Sega equipment was seen to have. Having already worked their magic with the Nintendo 64’s control pad, Retro Fighters are hoping to bring what they cite as next gen features to the Dreamcast’s method of play, this version has a revised 2 handled grip wi88cf4d5ae680de41e048c0e8ce0ec0c8_originalth larger directional pad along with a turbo button and added shoulder buttons which apparently is handy for the fighting games on the system.

From what we can see, the controller isn’t actually that exciting and echoes the Electronic Boutique days of 3rd party peripherals, one handy feature is the cable being located at the top rather than the bottom, although in reality this is hardly an issue on the official unit. VMU and Rumble packs are supported.


What is impressive is how the team spent 18 months developing their own bespoke hardware which obviously includes the connector for the accessories which of course, is unique to the console. Retro Fighters look to have the controller in the hands of players by September 2019 and have a working prototype already which for backers, is actually a relief. How well the controller will fare after it’s successful Kickstarter is completed is anyone’s guess, it’s hit 5 times over the funding goal already but no doubt that some are holding out to see what RetroBit will come up with in the near future.

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter should you fancy giving this funky controller a go :


Retro Surge Games appear to have something to tell us.

It would be easy to overlook plenty of going ons in the Dreamcast community currently. There’s so many projects on the way and quite a few that haven’t even got off the ground over the years, with publishers like JoshProd, GOAT Publishing, Watermelon and to a lesser extent, Senile Team all releasing games, when a new publishing team come along, we eventually get around to looking into it.

https _pbs.twimg.com_profile_images_1064536552947286016_idw9qrig_400x400

Enter Retro Surge Games, these guys have been busy on social media recently, chatting about an upcoming Dreamcast game called Reaperi Cycle, an isometric adventure game which is penciled in for a 2019 release date. What we can imagine is happening is the team at Retro Surge (perhaps better known for their retro indie selling side, The Bit Station)  will be handling the publishing duties of the game and perhaps are ready to show off some details which so far have been hidden away (unless you support the developers Patreon)  ——–>


The game looks pretty intriging and we haven’t seen an adventure game released on the DC since Elansar & Philia a few years ago, we’re quite interested to see what Retro Surge have instore for us in the coming months and years with fond hopes that this fresh-faced outfit become the next big Dreamcast powerhouse.

You can follow Retro Surge Games on Facebook by clicking here ——->

Guns of Mercy coming to Dreamcast.

Recently you may have heard about a Nintendo Switch game doing the rounds called Gun of Mercy : Ranger Edition, this game appears to be an enhanced version of the iOS and Android release of the game with a few more bells and whistles, well, it turns out that the Switch isn’t the only console to enjoy a port of the game; the Dreamcast is also confirmed to be in on the action too according to published, JoshProd.


It’s probably a fair assumption that the DC release will be closer to the mobile versions rather than the Switch version which of course is HD and widescreen displayed. The game is developed by Storybird Studio and is set in an unspecified time in the 21st century with Earth being mostly a wasteland due to a war that has raged on from an alien invasion, with humanity reduced to hiding, this is where you come in – fighting to claim back the lands and see off the enemy once and for all. Your task is to shoot, shoot and shoot some more.


The game is 4 player on the Switch and it looks to be a vibrant side moving shooter with a power up system present, the game has been reviewed well on the Google Play Store and it’s refreshing to see this sort of port on the Dreamcast.



Currently no release date has been set for the game but it’s probably reasonable to expect it this year with Play-Asia and Rush On Game no doubt covering the global releases.








Finding Teddy shipping soon for Dreamcast.


It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we had the last batch of Dreamcast games from stalwarts JoshProd, but in fact this was back in the summer that these games started to ship, so like all hungry gamers, we’re looking at what the next slice of 128-bit gaming entails and when.


Finding Teddy has long been talked about with it’s inclusion on one of JoshProd’s reveal videos last year, many assumed it would either ship with the last batch of releases or manage to make the last part of 2018, however it looks like the game will now be in this quarter of the year with Play-Asia having a listing with the box art for some time now (which looks absolutely lovely) what it unknown at the moment is when (if at all) a PAL blue case and USA style release will be revealed, we’d assume it’s a given these are happening as this is the business model that JoshProd apply to their publishing method.



If you haven’t heard of Finding Teddy yet, we’ve linked a trailer, this game was developed by Songbird and is a point-and-click game of sorts, tasking you with taking control of a girl looking for her stolen teddy bear, as well as two other characters, Mister Cat and Mister Fly, plenty of puzzles and side quests with music and riddles being the main cue points being favoured over dialogue – it’s certainly a change of pace from what we’ve had already on the DC and the game reviewed well when it was released for Steam back in 2013. We can’t wait for this one!

RetroBit Sega Hardware Spotted At CES

A little while ago, it was banded around that RetroBit, a company who has a history creating retro gaming peripherals and clone hardware (mostly for Nintendo based formats) would be entering a deal with Sega to release not only USB PC versions of famous Sega controllers, but also releasing versions for the actual hardware too, Dreamcast being included in this as well as Saturn and Megadrive, wired and wireless versions of some of these pads have been shown recently at CES.


What was rumoured though, was actual consoles being made by RetroBit, much like the NES variants they already produce, speculation went wild with the hopes of a Saturn or Dreamcast release either as an on-chip device, or even better, 1-1 hardware replication.

What we now know is that there is perhaps a console coming, and it is indeed a legacy Sega machine, the Sega Nomad – a handheld released by Sega in 1995 only in North America, this bit of hardware was well before it’s time, featuring an extra controller slot for two player games, the ability to run an RF cable from the top to the TV to allow for big screen gaming and it would play all your existing 16 bit carts, the downside was that it never shipped with a battery pack so this was required for portable use – it’s main selling point. Even when a battery pack was purchased, you’d get less time than even the Game Gear would produce, sad really as we here at Dreamcast Today actually quite like the Nomad, it’s stylish and slicker looking than the Game Gear, below is the concept by RetroBit. Perhaps we can see some 21st improvements like rechargeable battery power that is built in and an improved screen. Although this isn’t the Dreamcast hardware we were hoping for, it does open up an exciting prospect for the future – maybe we will see that re-released DC in the future…. Who knows.



Dreamcast ‘Pocket Console’ Incoming.

Strange things happen sometimes, we see all sorts of DIY mods from case designs to actual hardware changes, what happens when these two ideas collide? Well, the Dreamcast Pocket Console is what happens, remember the Treamcast from 2001-2002? Well, imagine that sort of idea but instead of fusing a PS-One screen onto a DC for in car usage, the Dreamcast Pocket is designed to run on SD cards which most likely is using the cloned version of the GD-EMU emulation board at the best case scenario, worst case would be DreamShell.


At the moment the page link which takes you to AliExpress, has no further details and you’ll have to reserve one at £310 if you’re interested, which leads us to think that these are stock consoles that are ripped apart and spliced into the modified casing of headrest in car DVD player equipment. Of course, with the lack of a disc drive from what we can see, this console isn’t exactly good for business on the console, as the only way to play games would be to downloads disc images, so no new software could legally be experienced, which is a shame, of course, that rear panel could be the disc drive but it looks more like a battery unit. The seller has zero feedback so approach with caution here, if you must buy one, wait until there’s at least one out in the wild…. Now, if only someone could work out how to clone the entire system…


Check out the sparse placeholder page here :

Happy (Belated) Birthday, USA Dreamcast!

We’ve all seen around the Internet over the last few days that the Dreamcast has hit it’s 19th birthday, that’s right – let that sink in; 19 years ago on 09/09/1999 (October 1999 for us Euros) the first 128 bit system to hit the market would appear and of course with Sega’s dwindling finances, consumer support and lack of faith and communication internally we saw the tragic end of the machine in 2001 with the year coming and going and the console not missed by those moving on to the other choices at the time, it’s in the death of the console that a real fanatical movement happened, much in the way an artist is at their most popular post-death, the Dreamcast’s fire burns stronger today than anytime before.


Recent years have been especially kind to the console, support is at an all-time high, perhaps based on the foundations of lofty Kickstarter campaigns in previous years, the promised software count is perhaps at it’s highest since say, 2002. We’ve certainly had more ups rather than downs, the console has seen the once pioneering online aspect resurrected via Dreamcast Now!, the console’s alternative and updated idea based around the foundations of DreamArena many years before.

Game releases have become more and more high profile, who could have predicted that your almost 20-year-old hardware would be playing host to a port of Fade To Black? What about a port from the PSP in the shape of 4×4 Jam? Perhaps a selection of Neo Geo games thrown into the mix… Maybe even it would be a seeing is believing scenario to expect a licenced title based on Saber Riders? It’s all here thanks to dedication from publishers like JoshProd, with a continual stream of diverse software filling the console library (and our gaming shelves) long after Sega decided to leave the Dreamcast in the hands of the gamers. In previous years, RedSpotGames, NGDev.Team and Hucast have picked up the support for the console where times have been quiet but these teams have all but faded away, leaving JoshProd and to a lesser extent, GOAT Publishing to pick up the reigns with the former actually crafting some of the best boxed product we’ve seen since the demise of the machine.

So ultimately, rather than looking back, let’s look forward – where do we stand in 2018? Well, we’ve been lucky enough in recent memory to finally resurrect machines with tired and burnt out GD drives with the GDEmu SD solution, and although these have proven hard to obtain, this year has seen the biggest breakthrough with reverse engineering this sort of product to allow a more mainstream penetration, keeping consoles out there on the market. Also we have seen Sega team up with RetroBit to release a range of retro-inspired controllers based around Sega’s legendary pads.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, the highlight has to be the support which has been building steam since 2017, in the old days, we’ve have to put up with lengthy crowd-funding campaigns with sometimes no sign of any actual product at the end of it or information being dangerously sparse perhaps due to real life getting in the way and high ambitions, one would question when games like Elysian Shadows will become a tangible product, although lengthy blog posts show plenty of progress, whether the product can match the tech-packed development remains still a mystery, the same could be thrown in the direction of SlaVe, having almost forgotten about this one, it is still a hangover from the days of massively unfinished projects being prematurely announced with nothing but a lengthy to show for this to date, Hypertension and Scourge sit comfortably in this area too.


This is perhaps what makes JoshProd with their partnership with Rushongame and Play-Asia a unique approach for Dreamcast gamers, taking games that have already been on the market or ports of existing software with a maximum of 6 months waiting time between announcement and product really restores the confidence that was in danger of being lost by even the most die-hard Dreamcast consumer in recent years whilst not drowning the market in re-releases, we’d love to see Piko Interactive follow in these footsteps since they have dipped their toes into Dreamcast interest recently.

So there we have it, the Dreamcast is still very alive today, the games are there, the repair parts are coming along leaps and bounds, online support is there again and respect for what this machine achieved both yesterday and today is discussed in greatly fond detail in today’s market. Happy birthday Dreamcast – we’ve all still got your back.

Latest Dreamcast releases missing this one tiny detail….


As Dreamcast fans, by now, we’ve most likely become quite accustomed to having our latest games available in the blue PAL Europe style boxes with the semi official look fitting in perfectly with other games released on the system up to 2002. If you’ve bought the previous batches of JoshProd releases you’ll notice just how close these games look to late retail games on the system.


It’s been a collector’s dream to have such attention to detail lavished on the box art for these games, following very much in the footsteps of Watermelon’s Pier Solar which also saw a PAL release style of packaging too. However, it would seem that things have slightly changed with the most recent set of JoshProd games, if you look carefully on the front of the artwork, the Dreamcast logo and banner are absent meaning that these games share more in common with pre-2000 software rather than the later type which most collectors will have no doubt noticed. Sure, it’s a very small niggle, having spoken to Philippe Van Trong Nguyen of JoshProd, he confirmed to us that he would rather not possibly infringe any possible copyright by using these designs, it’s a shame really as uniformity is usually key with collectors of these types of games and that’s not to say we don’t understand why the changes have been made as we do. What perhaps would be nice would be much in the same way that Super Rare Games and Limited Run Games handle their packaging with having the number of the release on the spine of the game to make them stand out in a more positive light, urging buyers to grab the whole set… Just a thought.




As seen from footage taken earlier in the year showing Battle Crust, the idea of adding the banner had gone as far as the mock up of the artwork stage, also Another World has been previously spotted with the late Dreamcast banner added even on Philippe’s Facebook page from 2016. Either way, it’s only a small detail in an otherwise excellent set of games, have you pre-ordered yours yet?

Wave 3 Dreamcast Releases Available to Preorder on RushOnGame.


As you have most likely seen by now, JoshProd has been teasing a reveal banner this week to which each day leading up to the 10th May has shown another blank square where a ‘hidden’ Dreamcast release hides. Well, we now have a clear picture of all the the games we can expect in the 3rd round of releases! There’s some interesting titles here  with one which is a surprise entrant, we already knew about Flashback 2 (Fade to Black), Battlecrust and The Escapee but Bang 2 Busters and Another World are interesting choices that weren’t common knowledge beforehand.

Bang 2 Busters is a cutesy platform originally for the Neo-Geo developed around 2000, you take control of the character using enemies as your projectile with careful aiming, an enemy can be used to dispatch the other threats in the level and pick-ups are available once enemies are taken care of, it’s an odd blend really that perhaps wouldn’t look out of place on the Amiga but gameplay-wise, it looks like it could be a whole load of fun, check the video below of the AES version.


Next up is Another World, which has seen an unofficial release on the console before this point but this time around, the game looks to have additional features some of which are shared in the 20th anniversary release if the trailer is to be taken literally. Another World follows in the same gameplay mechanic as Flashback which is featured in the last wave of releases for the console, we look forward to giving this one a shot when it comes out later in the year.

The Escapee, Flashback 2 and Battle Crust will prop up the aforementioned games too, all 5 are available to pre-order as a set from RushOnGame or individually too, it’s worth noting that the later style ‘ Dreamcast ‘ banner and swirl aren’t featured on the packaging for these games, one would hope that JoshProd reconsider this as all later software featured such design whereas earlier software had no logo on them, it would be nice to stick to the uniformity from the previous wave of games.

Here’s a handy link to get your pre-orders in now :

Pre-order the latest batch of games this month.

As reported earlier in the year, there are new games coming to the Dreamcast this year via JoshProd and sold via Rushongame, these 5 games which we assume are Battle Crust, Fade to Black, The Escapee and Okinawa Rush with one game being a mystery, this game could indeed be Saber Riders although that game does already have it’s own pre-order section on Rushongame’s website. We could very well be in for a yet-to-be-publically announced game for the system.

Naturally we shall be pre-ordering the whole bunch so we can bring you an extensive look at the games themselves, what’s your views? Are you pre-ordering some, one or all?