New Dreamcast game ‘James and Watch’ pops up for purchase.


Welcome to the twilight period of the year Dreamcast fans, historically speaking, not much action occurs for the console around the holiday season but 2015 has been a different beast, we’ve just recently had Pier Solar unleashed on Dreamcast and Hucast are due to ship the Limited Edition Ghost Blade pre-orders this month along with GOAT confirming what we suspected, SlaVe still needs more time.

So it comes with some surprise that a left fielder has popped up, James and Watch is a retro inspired collection of mini games which has been released for the Dreamcast, what the keen observers may have noticed, although this is a physical release; the quality of the release leaves a lot to be desired. The developer has opted for a Lightscribe disc format which is prone to drastic fading based on it’s heat based printing technology.


On a positive note, the game does ship as a ‘limited edition’ which includes a custom James and Watch cup – one has to ask, why the developer didn’t instead go down the route of creating a better disc design rather than jumping straight for the extras side of things. Either way, the game costs ¬£25 / $37 the team here will almost certainly hold off to see if a more professional looking product surfaces, marking this as the first release we have skipped.

Pier Solar HD shipping now, popping up on eBay.


As most of you would have no doubt had by now, an email was sent out by Watermelon regarding the shipment of Pier Solar HD. The game is now being shipped to all those that backed the Kickstarter way back in 2013.


It’s been a long time coming but the end is near for Dreamcast owners with the game being in owners hands by the end of November. As per usual with a hot new release for the console, eBay has begun filling with pre-order copies of the game, one would presume that these are the PAL version art of the game and at time of writing, 15 copies at 49 Euro each have been purchased.


What’s your views on the pricing? Is this a good deal for those who missed out on the Kickstarter? Post your Pier Solar un-boxing below and let us know if you’re enjoying the Dreamcast’s latest treat.

Dreamcast puzzle game, Fruit’Y is available to buy as a physical release, and it’s cheap.

fruity-dreamcast-homebrew fruity-dreamcast-homebrew (1)

Remember a while a go we talked about a little-known puzzle game by the mane of Friut’Y by Retroguru? Back then it was a safe assumption that the game would be a free download with the (very) small possibility of a physical retail disc release, well, that small possibility has come true with Dragon Box Shop stepping up to help production of the title and to make things even sweeter, the game is only priced at 2,99 Euro!

There’s little excuse not to pick up this Dreamcast game and enjoy it at this price – one thing is for sure, Dreamcast Today will be obtaining one.

Grab the game via the below link:

Volgarr the Viking released on Dreamcast… For free!


Yes, you read that correctly, those generous bods over at Crazy Viking Studios have released 2013’s Volgarr the Viking on the 128-bit Sega console. This hard as nails platform game harks back to the days of the Genesis/Megadrive era and marks the first time that a game has been retro-actively ported from the current generation Xbox One back to the humble DC.

volgarr_screen_02 volgarr_screen_03

The studio could have quite easily released this quality software on disc and I have no doubt that fans would have lapped it up, but to release it from free is a massively generous step that all Dreamcast owner should take advantage of for sure.


What Dreamcast Today would ask in exchange and gratitude for Crazy Viking Studio’s work is to head over to their Facebook page linked below and comment that you’re happy to see their games on our system, hopefully they continue to work on the Sega machine in the near future.

Alice Dreams Tournament hits funding goal with ease, aiming towards more VMU interaction.


With very little surprise, Alice Dreams Tournament (originally Dynamite Dreams) has easily surpassed it’s initial funding goal for the Dreamcast meaning the game is cementing in for a release on our console that refuses to die.


The slick-looking title will be released sometime in 2016 after being originally shown way back in 2008 under the title Dynamite Dreams, what is interesting with this particular Kickstarter is how the developers set a very realistic target for the funding barrier and weren’t greedy, this has resonated with gamers and as such has caused the funding to surge to past 12,000 Euro with still 24 days on the clock.

At 14,000 Euro, we will see added VMU interaction added to the game which should become a reality within a week we’d estimate.


Alice Company have created a beautiful product campaign and have maintained excellent communications with their backers and long-time fans of their work, it’s encouraging to see Alice Dreams – an early platform title from the team thrown in with the collectors edition, if you haven’t experienced this game, Dreamcast Today urge you to fund this version as it’s well worth a play and hopefully one day, will be completed.

Grab a piece of the action here :

Saber Rider to be published by Watermelon.


We had a feeling that this may end up happening eventually with such potential from this particular release for the Dreamcast, it would appear that Watermelon, the team behind the soon-to-be-released Pier Solar HD have stepped up to the plate for the publishing rights to Star Saber’s Dreamcast release. The game is currently still undergoing it’s crowd funding at this time so it’s unclear if the game will still be published regardless or whether the game must hit it’s funding goal before Watermelon step in to handle the rest, which won’t be an issue as the game has gone over it’s target ensuring a DC port.


What we do know is that the game still needs more funding to become a fully fledged vision and everyone hopefully should be using the last few days to make it a reality and more features packed into the game, with the help of Watermelon, we can expect to see the correct packaging style being used for the box art and Dreamcast logos in place where applicable, which let’s face facts, we all like our games to have this uniformity.

If you’re late to the party, help funding this game below ;

Could Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs be heading to the Dreamcast?


Here’s another one that came out of nowhere, based on the cult 80’s show, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs was initially teased as a stretch goal for the Dreamcast but now has become part of the main funding goal along side the PC and 3DS versions of the game.


  • Real 80’s IP & real 80’s feeling
  • 16-Bit Style Graphics
  • 12 differently themed missions
  • 4 playable characters and their¬†vehicles (Saber Rider, Fireball, April and Colt)
  • Different weapons
  • Intense Mecha battles called “Challenge Phase”
  • Game Soundtrack based on Dale Schacker’s Original Series Soundtrack
  • Voices from the Series featuring Peter Cullen and others
  • Bonus Games & Highscores
  • In-game music box
  • Nintendo 3DS Play Coin Support
  • Full New Nintendo 3DS Support
  • Stereoscopic 3D on Nintendo 3DS
  • Scanline Filter for the PC Version for perfect retro feeling
  • Perfect playability with tight controls
  • Secrets to discover


The game requires $75,000 as the base goal to make the Dreamcast version a reality, it seems a very interesting title and one that would certainly be welcome in the console’s diverse library. Worth noting is that the Dreamcast version is near on exclusive to the Kickstarter and is due in 2017, hopefully all Dreamcast fans will pledge towards the game and bring it on home.

Dreamcast console sales see a large spike.


No doubt this was going to start to happen eventually anyway but it would seem that with recent efforts from independent developers, Shenmue III coverage and general in-vogue nature of retro gaming, the Dreamcast console has started to see a big uptake in interest according to various sources across the Internet.

The console was released in 1998 in Japanese regions and 1999 in the West and was discontinued due to a magnitude of internal errors within Sega Corporation in 2001, the console has enjoyed a steady stream of releases even through 2015, support of which has led the console to outlive it’s competitors, namely the PlayStation 2, Gamecube and Xbox.


The Dreamcast presents itself in a very unique situation, it has shared releases with many consoles over the years and that appears to show no signs of slowing down. There was always going to be a day where the console would begin to find more favour with collectors and those looking to retrospectively play the genesis of key franchises, Shenmue being a prime example of this.

Of course, what we’d all prefer to see is the Dreamcast return to production in some form maybe akin to the upcoming Retro VGS which is due to hit Kickstarter later this year. With demand rising for the console and more of them failing each year that passes, let’s hope that the surge in console sales leads to a similar rise in new software sales.

Dynamite Dreams renamed, Kickstarter not far off.


It’s been a little while since Dynamite Dreams shared some spotlight time but behind the scenes, the team behind the game have been working on not only development but also exposure through various conventions and shows.


As it stands, the game is no longer called Dynamite Dreams and is now called Alice Dreams Tournament, some of you may remember the developer’s earlier work on the Dreamcast called Alice Dreams which was an impressive platform title.


More details are now emerging ahead of the game’s Q4 2015 Kickstarter campaign, the modes in the title are;

Destroy the enemies

VMU navigation mode

Capture the Flag

Protect the Victim

Protect your Box

The game plays very much in the same concept as Bomberman and to a lesser extent, Cool Herders. Below is the trailer for the game, will you be backing it?

Hucast strike again with adventure game duo.


Hucast, the publisher behind games like Dux, Redux and Alice’s Mom’s Rescue have today announced that they will be publishing two adventure games for the Sega Dreamcast, both games will ship on the same disc and details are pretty sketchy at the moment, we do know that the games are called Elansar and the second, Philia which is the sequel to Elansar.

The games both play much in the same way that Myst and it’s sequel Riven did back in the 90’s. The package will cost 32.95 EUR, will you be picking this one up?