Alice’s Mom’s Rescue Out Now!

That’s right folks, the first Dreamcast game of 2015 in now available, and to make it sweeter – it isn’t a Shump! Alice’s Mom’s Rescue was created by Orion and picked up for publishing by Hucast, the game is a charming 2D side scrolling adventure game and will set you back 52.95 EUR for the Limited Edition version and 32.95 EUR for the standard jewel case version.

The game features 3 worlds, 25 stages, pixel art graphics, challenging game play and supports 240p RGB, S-Video and 480p VGA. Order your copy today from

Alice’s Mom’s Rescue coming to Dreamcast in 2015.

Happy New Year, Dreamcast fans! We’re back to business after the holiday period with a newly announced game for the system in a joint effort by Hucast and Orionsoft, Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is a platformer featuring three worlds, 25 stages, pixel art graphics and some challenging gameplay.

No screenshots of the game have been released yet but there’s a rather attractive teaser poster to gawk at in the mean time. The Dreamcast certainly hasn’t been blessed with platform style games in the last few years so it’s very refreshing that Hucast are addressing that balance.

Leona’s Tricky Adventures released on PC via Steam.


It’s hard to deny that Leona’s Tricky Adventures had had a somewhat turbulent development period, we had the well-documented Kickstarter that failed and independent funding that seemed to go nowhere for almost a year, but behind the scenes, beta testers were helping iron out the flaws present in the game before it could see the light of day, fast forward to November 2014 and the game is finally starting to see a release.

Currently the Dreamcast version is still TBA for release whereas, the PC version has now been released on Steam. This news certainly rests our minds that the Dreamcast port could still be a ‘thing’ and not vaporware.

What’s your view, Will you be buying the game?

Dreamcast Today have 3 Steam keys to give out for the game for some lucky readers, to be able to win, leave a comment and we will select some winners!

New Dreamcast game ‘Ameba’ in development.


Well this one came somewhat out of the blue, didn’t it? A new Dreamcast has been announced recently by a team called Retro Samus, these guys are aiming to make the Dreamcast’s first visual adventure game in almost a decade.

Certainly this type of game is part of the winds of change when it comes to specific genres for the console, usually we are used to shoot-em-ups since the console began getting frequent releases but recently we’ve seen puzzle, RPG, FPS and now Visual Novel Adventure games catered for.

Not much is known about the game, and usually, we wouldn’t report on a game this early into it’s development cycle, but the trailer released a few days ago certainly looks slick. Time will tell if the game actually makes it out (Leona’s Tricky Adventures, we’re looking at you), one thing is for certain though – it’ll need some form of crowd-funding in the near future.

Check out the official website here :

More The Ghost Blade information.

It’s been a little while since we heard anything about the hotly-anticipated The Ghost Blade for the Dreamcast, we’ve seen the first alpha trailer and a few screenshots but that was about it…. Until now.

Hucast have shot a projectile from the darkness giving us the proper trailer for the game, and damn, is it looking sweet! The game could certainly be up there with the best-looking releases since the retail decline of the console in 2001.

Looking at the trailer, it’s clear to see the beauty of the game, reminding us here at DC-Today of Ikaruga from 2002.

Many fans were expecting The Ghost Blade to hit the console in 2014 but the trailer now confirms that the game will be with us in 2015 instead, in many ways this is quite acceptable considering we’ve got Pier Solar to keep our consoles busy until this game launches.

Hucast have a long history of releasing Dreamcast titles, if you’ve missed out on their previous works, you can head over to where previous Dreamcast efforts, Dux and Redux : Dark Matters are currently reduced in price and additionally, you can pre-order The Ghost Blade if you haven’t already.

Check out the latest trailer above.

What happened to? : Leona’s Tricky Adventures

We’re starting a new regular slot on Dreamcast Today and it’ll be the ‘What happened to?’ series of articles which we will briefly check the progress of a title that’s meant to be heading to the Dreamcast.


Let’s start with Leona’s Tricky Adventures, here we have a game that was initially destined for crowd-funding via Kickstarter in 2013, after the success that Hucast and KTX Software found with Redux : Dark Matters it was naturally logical that KTX Software would use the platform to fund it’s solo project, after-all; the Dreamcast community loves new games, right? Well, yes there is that, but the one thing KTX Software perhaps overlooked was that unlike Hucast, there wasn’t any marketing done for the title before hand, there wasn’t the fanfare and expectations that were evident in Hucast’s project, the scene weren’t aware of the game prior to the Kickstarter and some would even discuss the viability of puzzle genre titles on the system.

When the Kickstarter for Leona’s didn’t meet its goal and was shut early, we weren’t too surprised here at DC Today, we knew they had another plan up their sleeve, that plan was to fund the title privately through their own website…. This is where things get a little shady, the pre-order scheme used via PayPal would secure you a Kickstarter edition (if you originally pledged) or a standard copy of the game costing 25 Euros – now this was back in 2013 with a projected release date to be not far behind that, anyone who is up on using PayPal knows that there’s only a set time that a transaction can be disputed, and anyone who pledged is certainly out of that period now.

Recently, the website for the game has just been displaying an under construction banner and the option to pre-order is no longer there, so that begs the question, what about those that did pay? Where is the game? What happened with the closed Beta testing that was going on? Something about this title doesn’t seem right to us here at Dreamcast Today.

We will naturally keep reporting if something does happen with this title but at the moment at least, it seems a pretty shut case.

GOAT Store Publishing celebrates 15th Dreamcast anniversary in style.


As many a keen fan is aware, the legendary date on 09/09/1999 sticks in our minds as the North American launch of the Dreamcast, the console’s legacy is still felt today and although the machine launched in 1998 in Japan and October 1999 in Europe, it’s the American date that sticks with us when celebrating.

We’re talking about a console that got so much right for Sega, record launch fanfare, brisk sales and an amazing lineup of games ready on the day. The Dreamcast didn’t suffer from the software ‘drought’ that we are used to now, the games were coming in a timely fashion and Sega were making big bucks from the console – mistakes made from Saturn, 32X and Mega CD looked to be a forgotten shade but this wasn’t to be the case for long, by the end of 2000 Sega were in deep financial problems, previous half-baked hardware attempts left them without the war chest of cash that was raised from successful products such as the Genesis and to a lesser extent in Europe, Master System and Game Gear, for every step the Dreamcast was making in keeping Sega relevant, there was a tonne of cash that was needed in reality.

It’s a story we all know very well, some will attribute the PlayStation 2 to the fate of the DC, myself, I put it solely down to Sega’s lack of focus between the Eastern and Western divisions and a dwindled pot of resources. One thing is for certain, the Dreamcast was a moderate success for how long it was on the market, 10.6 million units across a few years is nothing to balk at and considering games are still released for the console versus it’s piers –  I believe we got the good end of the bargain in the long run, this leads us to the article :

Goat Store Publishing has once again returned to the Dreamcast to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the console, the company revealed SlaVe, a retro inspired FPS that is currently being ported to the machine by Isotope – the guys behind upcoming releases, Scourge and Hypertension both also for the Dreamcast.

The game had been kept under wraps for some time to surprise the DC fan base and was available to pre-order straight away from

There is a grand total of 400 Limited Editions that contains the game and one mini-poster. Only 400 copies will be made available – once the stock is sold there will be no more made. Those that pre-ordered early were able to secure one of 84 limited, limited releases which contained an over-sized coin, this particular edition sold out very quickly.

The game is due for release in April 2015. What’s your view? Are you buying or do you have your sights set on other upcoming titles?

Fruit’Y – new puzzle title coming to Dreamcast.



Retroguru today have announced today that a new puzzle title is making its way to Dreamcast sometime in the 2015, the game will be released for a number of handhelds, Amiga OS and our favourite Sega machine. Retroguru are no stranger to releasing games for the system, they are responsible for the SQRXZ series and also Giana’s Return.


The game will be playable at Game STAGE Expo Linz and although unlikely to receive a physical release for the Dreamcast, with enough interest and a cost-effective method, Retroguru’s game could get a disc release one day.

Show your support by liking the company’s Facebook page :

Elysian Shadows flies through Kickstarter base goal.



Well done is in order to all Dreamcast fans who pledged their trust and cash into Elysian Team’s promising upcoming RPG, Elysian Shadows. As many of you are now aware, the game ended with 124% funding meaning that $184,322 of the $150,000 goal was met, this marks a record in regards of funding for a game released on Dreamcast.

The game also managed to hit the the “New Game+” stretch goal adding even more play time to the title. The team also shared a while back that Watermelon would also take up the publishing rights for the Dreamcast version with the Ouya, PC/MAC and mobile version being presumably handled in house.

Elysian Shadows is due for release in the later half of 2015 and will be a physical release for the system, the first batch of which were signed by the team themselves and a general release can be assumed once the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. There was also a $125 Limited Edition release that was available exclusively to Kickstarter, this edition was extremely limited and can be assumed will fit in with the design of Watermelon’s upcoming Dreamcast release, Pier Solar HD which had a similar campaign during it’s crowd-funding run.

Elysian Shadows’ Kickstarter gets off to flying start.



Well Dreamcast fan, we’re into August now so this can only mean one thing, Elysian Shadows has launched on Kickstarter! The title is looking for $150,000 of crowd-funding for the team to be able to complete the rest of the work on the game. 

$150,000 may seem like a high amount for a Dreamcast title to be produced, but let’s have a look at the facts – the game isn’t just in development for the 128-bit Sega console, it’s also coming to Android, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Linux and Ouya, the team have stated that with enough resources, the game will play to the strengths of each key format, naturally, the Dreamcast is the lead. 

For you to net yourself a Dreamcast standard physical release, Dreamcast Today recommends the ‘Resurrection’ package which, if you’re quick enough, at $49 will be signed by the team themselves. For those more interested in limited edition releases, there’s also the ‘Limited Edition’ perk which come with a figurine, soundtrack, Scroll, physical game, art book, comic bundled in a special game-themed ‘chest’, this perk costs $125 but seems worth it for the loot and you’re obviously helping the team further the scope of Elysian Shadows.


The game will be published in Winter 2015 by Watermelon and backers will be allowed to pick the region they’d like the game box art to be, much like the Pier Solar Kickstarter where you could choose the PAL, NTSC or NTSC-J style cases.

At time of writing, the team have hit $33,000 of their $150,000 target, should they hit $250,000, the game will also release for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U marking another cross-generational release for the Dreamcast to enjoy. Let’s make this possible DC players!