Hucast announced Redux 2 out of nowhere.


When you think of Dux and it’s sister title, Redux; you think of a series of games that surely by now would have exhausted all possible options for ideas for further instalments but, this clearly isn’t the case as Hucast have revealed Redux 2 with will be gracing the Dreamcast in 2016.

The game carries on the same premise as the original title boasting seven stages with a far more varied range of scenery compared to it’s predecessor, from the screen shots below, we can see that the game already looks very impressive indeed.

rdx2_desert rdx2_space1

Below is the official statement regarding the upcoming game :

“Making games for Dreamcast is a luxury today, as its difficult to get a coder who is able to programme the complex hardware for Sega’s power horse for gaming back in the days. However, I’m happy to say that I finally found a skilled coder to complete Ghost Blade for Sega Dreamcast. A release date was set to September 17, 2015.

Anyway, now to the main concern of this blog entry, here’s another great news for everyone, a brand new Dreamcast game, namely Redux 2 is in development and will come for  Sega Dreamcast next year. After the colorful DUX and its dark themed remake Redux, it’s time for a proper sequel with new player ships and tons of new weapons.

Now enjoy this first 2 alpha screens of Redux 2 (Work in Progress) and a boss enemy concept art”

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN PART 2 : Spider-Man 2 : Enter Electro


Well, what happened here? Spider-Man 2 : Enter Electro was Activision’s second attempt to ‘bottle lightning’ having such massive success with the first entry which saw a release on a magnitude of formats in 2000/01 including PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and our very own Dreamcast you be forgiven for thinking that the second entry would be a sure-fire release for the Dreamcast, right….?

Wrong, in fact, so wrong that Activision only saw fir to release the game for the PlayStation, that’s right, just PlayStation. Not even the Nintendo 64 got any love this time around – unlike Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.

So, what happened? Well, it’s hard to say really what was the deciding factor for this madness but some could cite the demise of the Dreamcast in early 2001 as a major point given that this title would release on October 19th 2001 meaning financial outlay could have stalled the project before it even got off the ground. Another possible explanation could be that during development, there were sections that either featured or referenced the World Trade Center which was subject to a mass terrorist attack on September 11th of that year, it could be a possibility that if a Dreamcast or Nintendo 64 version was in development, it wouldn’t have been a viable option to hang these versions back to re-code and alter whilst maintaining a reasonable release window. Worth noting is the Dreamcast version of the first game didn’t release until 2001.

Fruit’Y physical release requiring funding.


It’s been some time since we heard much in the way of news when it comes to Retroguru-developed title, Fruit’Y. The game has quietly been under construction and following the possible chances of a retail, disc-based release, the developers have come forward via their Facebook page to enquire funding for the title to see a print run of around 500 units.


Dreamcast Today is interesting in possibly funding the title should the business model and profit line fit our particular model of business. What’s your views, readers? Would you buy this particular game if the price / content bracket was as you expect ?

Watermelon show off near-finished Dreamcast packaging for Pier Solar.


It’s been pretty quiet recently in terms of Dreamcast-related happenings but Watermelon have updated their Kickstarter backers updates with what seems to be the nearly completed Dreamcast packaging for both PAL and NTSC-J releases of Pier Solar, worth mentioning is that the NTSC-U software box wasn’t present at the time, what we can work out from the images is that Pier Solar serves as the most authentic release since 2002 (2007, Japan) for the console with Sega templates and typeface being used for each region, for example, the PAL version features the blue bigger case (used for European language option manuals) and also the disc design varies between all three regions as it correctly should.


Hopefully we can see other developers adopt such a keen eye for detail like Watermelon have clearly demonstrated here.

Kraut Busters announced for Neo Geo – Dreamcast port to follow?

NG.Dev:Team have this morning lifted the curtain on their latest Neo Geo game, Kraut Busters plays homage to run ‘n’ gun titles like Metal Slug and boasts a 60FPS run speed with an arcade-like average run time of 35 minutes and various boss fights, plenty of detail has gone into the quality of the graphics, unlike Gunlord which released on Dreamcast back in 2012.

Interestingly, Kraut Busters so far has garnered almost universal negative attention from Neo Geo fans, claiming it’s a rip off of Metal Slug and asking the company to create a more original title, Dreamcast fans have been far more open to the title releasing for their console since such a genre was never represented during the console’s lifespan.

Time will tell if Kraut Busters get a general Dreamcast release, but going by past history – it’s a given we’d say.

“Europe, Krautland 1936

You are part of the glorious albeit infamous Kraut Buster corps.
Your goal is to defeat the evil dictator Dolph Edelwolf and rescue all chicks!

Play as either John “Küken” Mallone or Jack “Handsome” Rowdy.

Game Features (exact details are subject to change):

– several long stages with varied and changing settings
– 5-6 end bosses and several sub bosses
– 2 player simultaneous mode
– Chain based scoring system to provide a long term challenge
– multiple heights/ways platforming for more ways to play the game
– 3 “routes” / difficulties
– Arcade perfect playtime of approx. 35 minutes per run (normal route)
– Bloodpumping arcade soundtrack by Rafael Dyll
– 60fps / 60hz (runs 2x as smooth as similar games on the NG)


– Beautiful handcrafted true 16-bit pixel art

– large panoramic backgrounds with a lot of paralax elements

– big fully animated bosses

– tons of animation, little details and pixel love

Hardware Specs (MVS/AES cartridges):

Will use approximately 784 Megabits (exact megcount is TBD)
Full digitized stereo soundtrack
In-system software updates via USB port (MVS)
Custom made PCBs / Custom made cartridge shell

Improved UNI-BIOS/CMVS support: bootup logo and config menu is supported / insert credit via select button

Best regards,

Hucast no longer shipping games outside Europe.

Germany-based Dreamcast powerhouse, Hucast have just recently announced plans to stop shipping their future releases outside of Europe, so what does this mean for Dreamcast fans in other countries? Well, Rene Helwig is clearly trying to limit overheads and shipping is probably very expensive for the company, this would probably lead to a higher quality of product being made later down the line accounting for extra budgets.

Gamers around the world looking to buy Hucast’s efforts can still order via which is a reliable import game stockist and shouldn’t fret too much about this announcement.

“Since there was some confusions I’d like to explain my decision for only shipping within EU from my HUCAST store (In May 1).

Fist off, US, Canadian and all non-EU orders was always welcome at HUCAST, in fact many of my customers come from US. However, since I’m no native publisher I need to minimize my effort on the publishing side to maximize my effort on the game dev side.

Anyway, I’ll do best effort to find the perfect solution for US (And all non-EU) customers so they can enjoy and buy my games to a fair price when bought form an external retailer.

However I’m not sad at all because everybody will still have access to my games, so I’m looking forward to a great future of new Dreamcast games from HUCAST.”

Alice’s Mom’s Rescue Out Now!

That’s right folks, the first Dreamcast game of 2015 in now available, and to make it sweeter – it isn’t a Shump! Alice’s Mom’s Rescue was created by Orion and picked up for publishing by Hucast, the game is a charming 2D side scrolling adventure game and will set you back 52.95 EUR for the Limited Edition version and 32.95 EUR for the standard jewel case version.

The game features 3 worlds, 25 stages, pixel art graphics, challenging game play and supports 240p RGB, S-Video and 480p VGA. Order your copy today from

Alice’s Mom’s Rescue coming to Dreamcast in 2015.

Happy New Year, Dreamcast fans! We’re back to business after the holiday period with a newly announced game for the system in a joint effort by Hucast and Orionsoft, Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is a platformer featuring three worlds, 25 stages, pixel art graphics and some challenging gameplay.

No screenshots of the game have been released yet but there’s a rather attractive teaser poster to gawk at in the mean time. The Dreamcast certainly hasn’t been blessed with platform style games in the last few years so it’s very refreshing that Hucast are addressing that balance.

Leona’s Tricky Adventures released on PC via Steam.


It’s hard to deny that Leona’s Tricky Adventures had had a somewhat turbulent development period, we had the well-documented Kickstarter that failed and independent funding that seemed to go nowhere for almost a year, but behind the scenes, beta testers were helping iron out the flaws present in the game before it could see the light of day, fast forward to November 2014 and the game is finally starting to see a release.

Currently the Dreamcast version is still TBA for release whereas, the PC version has now been released on Steam. This news certainly rests our minds that the Dreamcast port could still be a ‘thing’ and not vaporware.

What’s your view, Will you be buying the game?

Dreamcast Today have 3 Steam keys to give out for the game for some lucky readers, to be able to win, leave a comment and we will select some winners!

New Dreamcast game ‘Ameba’ in development.


Well this one came somewhat out of the blue, didn’t it? A new Dreamcast has been announced recently by a team called Retro Samus, these guys are aiming to make the Dreamcast’s first visual adventure game in almost a decade.

Certainly this type of game is part of the winds of change when it comes to specific genres for the console, usually we are used to shoot-em-ups since the console began getting frequent releases but recently we’ve seen puzzle, RPG, FPS and now Visual Novel Adventure games catered for.

Not much is known about the game, and usually, we wouldn’t report on a game this early into it’s development cycle, but the trailer released a few days ago certainly looks slick. Time will tell if the game actually makes it out (Leona’s Tricky Adventures, we’re looking at you), one thing is for certain though – it’ll need some form of crowd-funding in the near future.

Check out the official website here :