About Dreamcast Today

Dreamcast Today started as a small Facebook group in 2010 under the new of Dreamcast News that proved popular very quickly with the help of well-timed placements within the Shenmue community, Dreamcast Today quickly gained followers as a result of page to page advertising and off the wall news reports.

In 2011 we discovered that ‘Dreamcast Today’ was a better name for the site due to there already being a Dreamcast News page and at one point we considered branching out to cover all Sega news but given how consistent the Dreamcast scene is, we decided to stick exclusively to Sega Dreamcast.

The founder of Dreamcast Today, Forbes Longden originally started the page himself under the branch of his digital media company, InUnison Entertainment that he runs with co-founder Mike Langabeer. Together with Mike, Forbes works on new ideas in his spare time coming up with various online pages and scripts for television shows. Forbes created DCToday with the intention of polishing his English literacy skills as a side project in between working with Mike on InUnison projects.

Founder of Dreamcast Today Co-founder InUnison Entertainment

Founder of Dreamcast Today
Co-founder InUnison Entertainment

Forbes has an extensive knowledge of the Dreamcast amongst other retro consoles, he has contributed with ideas and funding for new Dreamcast software and has also beta tested for Duranik and Hucast.

Co-founder InUnison Entertainment

Co-founder InUnison Entertainment

In 2011, John-Kirk Trigg Edwards joined Dreamcast Today’s Facebook page as a site contributor. Kirk has years of experience with the Dreamcast and will report retrospectively on games release for the console.

Dreamcast Today site contributor.

Dreamcast Today site contributor.


1 thought on “About Dreamcast Today

  1. hi im 76 yrs old & own 23 dreamcast consoles,18 original vms+15 4 block vms.i have 80 of the best games & still play them regular.believe it or not i bought all my consoles for a fiver each when sega debunked the dreamcast ..anyway good luck with your site…mick

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