New and Future Releases.

From time to time, a new Dreamcast title is announced, sometimes these announcements may pass you by; fear not, Dreamcast fan! We have your back.

Below you’ll find all games due for the machine.


Age of the Beast | Senile Team (TBC)


The Ghost Blade | Hucast (Out Now)

BUY :–dreamcast-.html


DUX 1.5 Jewel Case Edition | Hucast (Out Now)


DUX 1.5 / 1.0 Limited Edition Set | Hucast (Out Now)—redux-complete-ost–sega-dreamcast-.html


Elansar & Philia (Out Now) | Orion Games


Dynamite Dreams | Alice Team / GOAT (SEE ALICE DREAMS TOURNAMENT)


Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness | Isotope / GOAT ( TBC 2018)


Scourge | Isotope / GOAT (TBC 2017)


Elysian Shadows | ES Team / Watermelon (2017)


Jump n Blob : Reblobbed | 2D-Retroperspectives (2017)


Saviour | 2D-Retroperspectives (TBC)


Leona’s Tricky Adventures | KTX Software (Out Now)


Twist-It | Project Firestorm (TBC)


Pier Solar HD | Watermelon (Out Now)


Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death | Collectorvision / Acclaim (TBC)


Alice Dreams Tournament | Team Alice (2017)


Star Saber  (Q2 2017) | Watermelon


Redux 2 | Hucast  (TBC 2017)


Orion’s Puzzle Collection | Orion Software (Out Now)


James and Watch : Arm  | Ben Lancaster (Out Now)


James and Watch : Tooth Cracker | Ben Lancaster (Out Now)


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