Just what is going on with SlaVe?

Cast your minds back dear readers, a few years back, the dormant Dreamcast publisher, GOAT Publishing informed us that they were working on publishing jay Townsend’s SlaVe for the hardware which was projected to release at the time, soon after the announcement.

This was 2014, we’re now in 2017….. Still no SlaVe. What we have had is a series of vague Kickstarter style updates from GSP’s Dan Loosen talking in increasing familiarity about problems with developing the game and a decreasing amount of ‘bugs’ that have apparently littered the game whilst being compiled for stock hardware. We were told that development and testing of the title would pick up pace back in February of 2016 and we had another update in July of 2016 where the tweaking of performance was taking place.

Now, we know here at Dreamcast Today that these developers have their own lives – this isn’t their primary job and much that same can probably be applied for the publishing side of GOAT but SlaVe can almost certainly fall into the category that seems increasing apparent in the Dreamcast scene – the bolt is always shot too early, too many developers / publishers are jumping the gun, announcing titles for the console when they are in no way, shape or form ready to be shown, let alone for pre-orders opening for the game. Loosen’s updates, albeit reassuring – tell us nothing apart from what we know already – the game has bugs, we don’t know when it’s coming and everything seems to have an air of smoke screening.

We have no doubt that SlaVe is coming and the developers and publisher are no doubt working hard on these ‘crippling bugs’ that are plighting SlaVe’s development – we STILL don’t know when it’s coming, it could be next week, it could be next year but what we know for sure is, it’s hideously late and it isn’t on.


Escape 2042 makes a bid for freedom on Dreamcast.


Another game looking to make a name for itself on a couple of Sega machines this month is Escape 2042 by Orionsoft, the developer behind Puzzle Collection, Zia and the Goddesses of Magic, Alice’s Mom’s Rescue and Elansar + Philia.

This futuristic retro feel platforming game puts you in the shoes of a scientist at he manipulates and hacks his environment look to seek his freedom. The game reminds us very much of Elevator Action and to a lesser extent, Flashback. There’s plenty of fast paced action including a few mini games thrown in for good measure.

The game currently require 25,000 EUR to become a possibility with both Megadrive and Dreamcast versions planned along with Gameboy too. The Dreamcast version costs 25 Euro with 10 Euro shipping, which is pretty reasonable.

Remember also to pledge towards Line of Fire too.




Sturmwind gets second print run.


Back in 2013, the Dreamcast development scene looked a whole lot different to how it does today, we didn’t have many games in the pipeline and it looked almost certain that Dreamcast business was winding down. We didn’t have developers creating new games every six months or so for the console but one such game we were all looking forward to was Duranik’s Sturmwind; an impressive space shooter which started out life as Native on the Atari Jaguar 64-Bit console many years previously.

At the time, Redspotgames were the big players in the DC scene and they handled publishing on a good few titles, sadly Sturmwind would be their last due to a rather botched product shipping method when it came to the collector’s editions of the game. Many of the plastic craft toys were broken and many editions of the game never made it to their owners forcing RSG to go under.

What we have in 2016, is Dragonbox Shop stepping up to the distribution plate this time around, with the game being sold on their website, you may recall them selling Fruit’Y earlier in the year too which unsurprisingly sold quite well with them also re-releasing Wind and Water Puzzle Battles, one of the finest independent Dreamcast releases too.

Sturmwind is available now for 35 EUR and is worth every single penny, you owe it to yourself to pick up this fine effort.

In The Line of Fire Takes Aim at the Dreamcast.


Some time back there were some early shots banded around showing a game very much like Payday, a heist-based game found on Xbox and PlayStation current generation consoles. The Dreamcast Junkyard started revealing this promising game and even back then, it looked to have plenty of potential, if not a little over ambitious for our white console.

Today however, marks the day the game hits Kickstarter and seeks our funding to make the project a reality, we now know you actually play a cop in the game and it mixes gameplay commonly found in SWAT and Rainbow Six. The game is looking mighty fine and is said to be exclusive to the Dreamcast, unlike many other recent projects where the Sega console is usually a stretch goal. We’ve pledged and we hope you do too, stretch goals include even extras like online play too!


You can pledge for a standard jewel case edition, limited edition version and a DVD case version also. Militia Studios have developed In The Line of Fire from the ground up for the Dreamcast and it’s shaping up to be one of the best looking games for the system to date.

Reserve your copy at the Kickstarter link below :



Additional Saber Riders Collector’s Edition Coming.


For those of you who may have missed the recent email sent out regarding Saber Riders, it would seem that an addition collector’s edition of the game will be produced in numbers limited to 499.


The impressive looking title isn’t due to come our way for quite some time but that hasn’t stopped the development team forward thinking and using any additional funding on resources for the game.

This second limited run features the same content as the Kickstarter version

– The game soundtrack on 2nd CD
– A printed game manual + Spine Card
– Your own Starsheriffs Badge (EBU)
– The printed Jesse Blue Wanted Poster
– Your name in the game credits

and will cost 99 EUR. If you’re interested, you can pay via PayPal and keep up to date with the game from the below website.




Rush Rush Rally Racing Re-Edit Coming?


Remember in 2009 when Senile Team released their arcade racer Rush Rush Rally Racing on Dreamcast? The Micro Machines inspired title proved quite a decent seller on the console and spawned a regular version as well as a 2-disc collector’s edition before taking route on the Wii in 2012.


The Wii version came with various upgraded features but sadly due to the nature of the system’s limited online presence, the game didn’t perhaps do the numbers that Senile Team were expecting.

Fast forward to 2016 though, and it would seem that the game is ready to come back to the machine that started it all, our very own Dreamcast. What’s unclear is whether the game will have new features or stick the enhanced Wii version niceties into the original cut of the game. What we do know though is that if you missed out first time around, you really have no excuse not to pick this balls-to-the-wall racer up and add it to your collection when it releases (again).


We’ll keep our ears to the ground and post back once we know some more details.


Henshin Engine Coming To Dreamcast.


It’s probably common interest for those that regularly check Kickstarter that a game called Henshin Engine which was initially for the NEC PC Engine was funded within the last couple of weeks with the stretch goal of a possible Dreamcast version, well this has come to fruition and indeed a Sega version of the game will be produced which will launch later than the original 2017 date slated for the PC Engine version of the game.

The Dreamcast version will play closer to the PC variant of the game and will take advantage of both platforms being based on more powerful hardware compared to the PC Engine version.

The game itself is modelled very closely on 16 bit Japanese games from the 1990’s and to a lesser extent, 8-bit. Henshin Engine very much falls into the platform game genre and follows a plot very taylor made for the PC Engine from the blurb below.

We can expect the game on Dreamcast from late 2017 and official word as of yet whether the game will follow the current packaging trend of keeping in line with the PAL / NTSC box format layout.

This story follows gamer-gal Yuki Shirokawa who just started an apprenticeship for the Jipang Electronics Corporation (JEC). Her favorite gaming console is the FX-Engine, a product of JEC. She later discovers something crazy about her beloved FX-Engine that would change her

Xencider Goes Up For Pre-Order.



Cast your minds back a couple a months ago, we had a Kickstarter for ambitious Space Harrier inspired on-rails shooter, Xenocider. The campaign didn’t quite reach the heights required for funding which was seen as a great shame for the DC community in general and really showed that perhaps rather than a lack of enthusiasm, it pointed to the diminishing returns in regards to hardware supply drying up year on year which we looked at in an earlier post.


Well, Retro Sumus are back and the game is now available to pre-order from their website, touting a July 2017 release date, there’s plenty of time to get your order in…. If you want the regular edition that is. Keen collectors have no doubt spotted the ultra limited PAL release which will only get a print run of 50 and is priced at an eye-watering 100 Euros presumably due to the cost of the blue European boxes and relative outlay making the game possible, this example comes with the soundtrack disc too, sadly we just can’t justify the cost of this version of the game.


However, there’s a version for everyone if you’re a steel book fan, there’s another 100 Euro release covering you there, also there’s a collector’s edition at 60 Euros which one would assume is the DVD box release and rounding off the range is the 45 Euro standard Jewelcase release which is still pretty as a peach with it’s Japanese style Dreamcast fonts and box design – there really is something for everyone.

We’re going to be mighty jealous of those with deep enough pockets for the PAL version for sure! Secure your copy at the link below :




Zia and The Goddesses of Magic Coming August for Dreamcast.


Orion Software is a developer that is really making waves in the Dreamcast community in 2016, we’ve already seen Elansar & Philia and Orion Puzzle Collection but now Zia and the Goddesses of Magic is almost ready for release at the end of August, this 16-Bit inspired RPG has been in development for a year alongside the PC and PlayStation versions.


Here’s a brief run down of the title :

“In a world where magic is Queen, people lived happily and safely under the protection of the ten guardian goddesses. Out of the unknown came a powerful demon who brought trouble upon the world, and all the goddesses got captured and locked away.
Zia is a little girl who lives in a village in the mountains with her parents.
When she was younger, she discovered a spell book and started to practice magic.
An old wise man came and told Zia about the existence of several spell books spread around the world.
During her journey, Zia will discover the trapped goddesses.
Now is your chance to help her rescue the goddesses from the evil creatures by casting magic spells!”


How do you feel about a retro RPG coming to the Dreamcast? Is it something you’ll add to your collection? Zia and the Goddesses of Magic releases in the later part of August 2016 and can be ordered here : http://onorisoft.free.fr/retroshop/dc.htm


Wind and Water Puzzle Battles gets second wind via Dragonbox Shop


Cast your mind back to 2008 and you may remember Wind and Water Puzzle Battles being released on the Dreamcast developed by Yuan Works and published by RedSpotGames, the game was an absolutely stunning puzzle game with excellent design qualities and some very well paced action wrapped in a story mode often containing light satirical gags based around the gaming industry. The has been out of print for a little while now with no second batch mentioned or in sight….. Until now.


Fast forward to July 2016 and DragonBox Shop, the guys behind the disc version of Fruit’Y have taken over publishing of the game and are hoping to bring it to a new audience at only 9.99 EUR. Wind and Water Puzzle Battles was a labour of love for it’s two man development team and deserves to be played by all those still actively buy games for their Dreamcast, you really won’t be disappointed and at this price, it represents such good value for money. Worth noting for variant collectors out there is the lack of RedSpotGames branding meaning this is indeed a second edition release with DragonBox replacing RSG on the rear of the manual with the 2016 copyright replacing the original 2008 one.


Grab yours today at https://www.dragonbox.de/en/464-wind-and-water-puzzle-battles-dreamcast-homebrew-4260416650367.html