Arcade legends Smashes Kickstarter Target.

We’ve been a little quiet on this one, Arcade Legends is a homage racing game being developed by Pixel Heart for the Dreamcast which is set for release in October 2019 to tie in with the console’s 20th anniversary for Europe.

Usually JoshProd/Pixel Heart announce and begin pre-orders via their social media accounts, this time around, crowd-funding has been used to secure a whopping 68K Euros of eager gamer’s money to help develop this ambitious project, originally the goal was 25k Euros which it naturally smashed through quite quickly. You maybe wondering why we haven’t really been covering this one, the truth is – we don’t like Kickstarter as a platform, having lost considerable money to the hands of the Saber Riders Kickstarter as well as a prelonged delay of Elysian Shadows has left us a little cold, that being said, Pixel Heart already have a decent reputation in the Dreamcast scene, we’re just holding off until pre-orders for remaining units of the PAL copy go live later on.


The title will be available in JAP/USA style as well as PAL. The game plays very similar to Sega Rally and is set to feature cars from Sega’s history of racing games with vehicles inspired by Crazy Taxi, F355 Challenge and even Shenmue. It’s worth noting that this is the second time JoshProd have been involved with bringing a 3D racing game to the system with 4×4 Jam being their first.

What’s your views? Are you picking this one up or have you got a backlog of Dreamcast games already?


Dead Tomb Coming to Dreamcast.

You my have heard of Collectorvision, a team of developers making new games for older systems, their work includes the Sydney Hunter series of games for mostly 8-bit systems, an entry was also announced for the Dreamcast but has since gone quiet, however another of their games is coming to the Dreamcast in the form of Dead Tomb. Dead Tomb is based on a lost game called Temoprel Inc. It’s a graphic adventure game of old with the options laid out on the bottom of the screen, the story of the game is based in 3017 where you’re sent to research the last ice age by your employer, experiencing some issues with your craft that travels through space and time, you wind up in 1300BC Egypt, specifically in a Pyramid – this is where the game begins.


As you can see from the screens, the game is looking more impressive than the upcoming Nintendo Entertainment System version, the DC version looks more like Lucas Arts adventures on the 1990’s, lets hope it can retain a deep and worthwhile story-telling element keeping the player engrossed.

This one certainly came out of the blue and is some way off, the release date currently stands at next year (2020) so we will keep you informed as development progresses.


Check out Collectorvision’s other releases from their website :


We Take A Look At Armed Seven DX (Video)

You may have seen us writing about the slew of new games coming to the Dreamcast this year, mostly thanks to JoshProd, there’s plenty to be getting on with and little time to be doing it – so, what we’ve done here is taken Armed Seven DX, which we’ve done some QA testing on and made an episode of our gaming show, Retro Gamers : Half Time based around what we have played so far, keeping in mind this is still technically a beta build of the game, we think you’re going to be mighty impressed when the game launches within the next 6-8 weeks.

Armed Seven DX is a mech shoot-em-up, you’re tasked with shooting anything that moves, fighting mid-level bosses and eventual end of level foes through seven levels where a final end of game boss awaits. Plenty of weaponry is at your disposal across three separate classes, should you feel the need for more challenge, there are 4 difficulty levels ranging from easy to insane, on any of these chosen settings, the bullets come thick and fast so you’ll need you wits about you and your reflexes on point. As you can see in the video, we really quite like it!

Duranik Show Glimpse Of Midsummer.

Soon after Duranik had finished with the developement of Sturmwind, the team’s previous Dreamcast release, word had got around that another game was being worked on here and there, things naturally went a bit quiet as Sturmwind initially suffered backlash at the hands of a botched release with the blame being mostly aimed towards the now-defunct Redspotgames, as we know, Sturmwind has since be reissued and sold via different outlets, becoming one of the most recognised games amongst owners of post-death software for the console.

Midsummer was, and is the name of the project that Duranik have been working on in the background, quietly for some time, it’s based around the tech and game engine elements found in Sturmwind, which is needless to say, highly impressive. This time around sees you take the role of an almost Shinobi-like character stalking through the beautiful side scrolling plains in a variation of different landscapes, huge creatures make themselves known from the background to the foreground, presumably for an end of level encounter, although no enemies have been implimented as of yet, the animation certainly seems to be coming along very nicely.

Midsummer is still a work in progress effort, and as such could very well be some time off yet, it’s already been yapped about in years gone by. Duranik have stated they have no interest in crowd funding the title, it’ll be ready when it’s done in a statement posted on the Facebook page :

As we promised some Midsummer infos over the years and always postponed it – today is the
day. Not exactly as planned but thats the way it is.

Unfortunatly there is very little time to work on at the moment so i wanted to share at least a glimpse, raw and totally unedited look of the the game.

Enemies are missing in this video captures, but you know, thats en vogue at the moment.

This is captured directly from a Dreamcast, there will be no Kickstarter/Crowdfunding/Preorder
or anything of that sort. It will be finished when its done or when there will be enough time to work on it.

You can check the video here, what do you think? Is this the sort of game you could get excited for?

Volgarr the Viking Sees Second Physical Print Run.

Some of the more hardcore Dreamcast fans out there may remember that back in 2015, Crazy Viking Studios granted permission for Volgarr the Viking to be ported to the machine, initially as freeware. This polished but unforgiving platform game was met with praise upon release which led to users over at the Circuit-Board community self-publishing 100 physical copies of the game complete with manual and certificate in the PAL blue boxes, these mega-exclusive versions very rarely come up for sale, and we kick ourselves every time we think about missing out on one of these gaming keepsakes.


Image found on Dreamcast-Talk of the original 100 print run version

Fast forward to 2019, and JoshProd have stepped on up to bat, supplying a DC home run in the form of a new issue of the game, taking cues from the already impressive work these guys have done with previous releases so far, the Dreamcast will thankfully play host to Volgarr once more, this time around 19.90 Euros secures you a PAL style version, with no doubt the other region styles coming later on as usual. Worth mentioning is that only 3000 will be produced and sold via PixelHeart so get in there quickly to secure yours today, the release date in May 15th 2019.

Captain Tomaday Also Making It’s Way To DC.

Following on from Armed Seven being announced today, it turns out that another game is rounding off the latest selection from JoshProd; Captain Tomaday is a conversion of the Neo Geo game from 1999, released on the CD system by Visco, the game has been given a second chance of life 20 years later for the Dreamcast system.


Playing like a shoot-em-up, you control a mutated Tomato who uses his fists(!) to irradiate enemies in a very non-violent sort of way. This game seems very different from anything that has launched of the Dreamcast previously and hopefully it’ll find a whole new audience, although worth noting, like Finding Teddy, FX Unit Yuki and Armed Seven, only 2000 copies (of the PAL version we presume) will be available via with a certificate of authenticity with each.


We are really feeling this batch of releases, what do you think? Pre-orders are available now on and we’ll wager through Rushongame in the near future too.

Armed Seven Has Just Been Revealed For Dreamcast.

As you well know, JoshProd have been working hard to bring loads of new games to the Dreamcast, we already know that a new beat-em-up is coming (also to Saturn) and Guns of Mercy will be making an appearance, however, as per usual, there’s a shoot-em-up that’s often offered in the mix.

Armed Seven seems to be the identified title of such genre filler this time around. Armed Seven was released on Steam in 2015 and is developed by Astro Port with publishing duties handled by Nyu Media. The description of the game taken from Steam is below :

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 09.24.19

It’s already been confirmed that the game will feature a high score save – always highly important with this genre. Visually the game looks pretty good with some impressive GFX, hopefully the Dreamcast will continue the legacy often handed to the Saturn for high quality Shoot-em-up games.

What’s your thoughts? Will you be pre-ordering this one along with FX Unit, Finding Teddy and Magic Pockets?
Armed Seven launches on 30th April 2019 and is available to pre-order right now on Pixel Heart :

Retro Surge Games appear to have something to tell us.

It would be easy to overlook plenty of going ons in the Dreamcast community currently. There’s so many projects on the way and quite a few that haven’t even got off the ground over the years, with publishers like JoshProd, GOAT Publishing, Watermelon and to a lesser extent, Senile Team all releasing games, when a new publishing team come along, we eventually get around to looking into it.

https _pbs.twimg.com_profile_images_1064536552947286016_idw9qrig_400x400

Enter Retro Surge Games, these guys have been busy on social media recently, chatting about an upcoming Dreamcast game called Reaperi Cycle, an isometric adventure game which is penciled in for a 2019 release date. What we can imagine is happening is the team at Retro Surge (perhaps better known for their retro indie selling side, The Bit Station)  will be handling the publishing duties of the game and perhaps are ready to show off some details which so far have been hidden away (unless you support the developers Patreon)  ——–>


The game looks pretty intriging and we haven’t seen an adventure game released on the DC since Elansar & Philia a few years ago, we’re quite interested to see what Retro Surge have instore for us in the coming months and years with fond hopes that this fresh-faced outfit become the next big Dreamcast powerhouse.

You can follow Retro Surge Games on Facebook by clicking here ——->

Guns of Mercy coming to Dreamcast.

Recently you may have heard about a Nintendo Switch game doing the rounds called Gun of Mercy : Ranger Edition, this game appears to be an enhanced version of the iOS and Android release of the game with a few more bells and whistles, well, it turns out that the Switch isn’t the only console to enjoy a port of the game; the Dreamcast is also confirmed to be in on the action too according to published, JoshProd.


It’s probably a fair assumption that the DC release will be closer to the mobile versions rather than the Switch version which of course is HD and widescreen displayed. The game is developed by Storybird Studio and is set in an unspecified time in the 21st century with Earth being mostly a wasteland due to a war that has raged on from an alien invasion, with humanity reduced to hiding, this is where you come in – fighting to claim back the lands and see off the enemy once and for all. Your task is to shoot, shoot and shoot some more.


The game is 4 player on the Switch and it looks to be a vibrant side moving shooter with a power up system present, the game has been reviewed well on the Google Play Store and it’s refreshing to see this sort of port on the Dreamcast.



Currently no release date has been set for the game but it’s probably reasonable to expect it this year with Play-Asia and Rush On Game no doubt covering the global releases.








Finding Teddy shipping soon for Dreamcast.


It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we had the last batch of Dreamcast games from stalwarts JoshProd, but in fact this was back in the summer that these games started to ship, so like all hungry gamers, we’re looking at what the next slice of 128-bit gaming entails and when.


Finding Teddy has long been talked about with it’s inclusion on one of JoshProd’s reveal videos last year, many assumed it would either ship with the last batch of releases or manage to make the last part of 2018, however it looks like the game will now be in this quarter of the year with Play-Asia having a listing with the box art for some time now (which looks absolutely lovely) what it unknown at the moment is when (if at all) a PAL blue case and USA style release will be revealed, we’d assume it’s a given these are happening as this is the business model that JoshProd apply to their publishing method.



If you haven’t heard of Finding Teddy yet, we’ve linked a trailer, this game was developed by Songbird and is a point-and-click game of sorts, tasking you with taking control of a girl looking for her stolen teddy bear, as well as two other characters, Mister Cat and Mister Fly, plenty of puzzles and side quests with music and riddles being the main cue points being favoured over dialogue – it’s certainly a change of pace from what we’ve had already on the DC and the game reviewed well when it was released for Steam back in 2013. We can’t wait for this one!