Arcade legends Smashes Kickstarter Target.

We’ve been a little quiet on this one, Arcade Legends is a homage racing game being developed by Pixel Heart for the Dreamcast which is set for release in October 2019 to tie in with the console’s 20th anniversary for Europe.

Usually JoshProd/Pixel Heart announce and begin pre-orders via their social media accounts, this time around, crowd-funding has been used to secure a whopping 68K Euros of eager gamer’s money to help develop this ambitious project, originally the goal was 25k Euros which it naturally smashed through quite quickly. You maybe wondering why we haven’t really been covering this one, the truth is – we don’t like Kickstarter as a platform, having lost considerable money to the hands of the Saber Riders Kickstarter as well as a prelonged delay of Elysian Shadows has left us a little cold, that being said, Pixel Heart already have a decent reputation in the Dreamcast scene, we’re just holding off until pre-orders for remaining units of the PAL copy go live later on.


The title will be available in JAP/USA style as well as PAL. The game plays very similar to Sega Rally and is set to feature cars from Sega’s history of racing games with vehicles inspired by Crazy Taxi, F355 Challenge and even Shenmue. It’s worth noting that this is the second time JoshProd have been involved with bringing a 3D racing game to the system with 4×4 Jam being their first.

What’s your views? Are you picking this one up or have you got a backlog of Dreamcast games already?


Dreamcast : Year One – Two Thirds Funded, Final Interviewee Revealed.

We are routing for Andrew Dickinson’s Kickstarter that currently has 2 weeks left of the campaign, it’s already had pledges totalling over £4k of the 6K target, with many backers snagging the book at £8, which is an absolute bargain, 7 flush backers have even pledged £99 to feature in the book’s retrospective section, but this isn’t just for die-hard gamers who want their memories shared, oh no – in actual fact, as shared via a few project updates, some famous guys from the Dreamcast’s prime feature in the book!

Bernie Stolar, the former president of Sega of America around the time of the Dreamcast’s availability features as one of the interviewed cool dudes, Caspar Field who was the editor of the cool-as-ice DC-UK magazine over here in the United Kingdom gets a section too which is awesome as DC-UK was a bloody awesome stylistic magazine which almost read like the gadget magazines around at the time, very ‘early 21st century’ excitement.

Perhaps the most exciting is Ed Lomas, the reviews and deputy editor of none other than the Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK), this publication ran from launch until around June 2001, so we are really hoping that Ed may have some insider info on the games they received to review and perhaps an insight into how those demo discs were decided by Sega with the communication of the publication, maybe we might get an insight into games that never released.

All in all, some real great picks for the interview section. Remember that the book still requires some funding, so head on over and drop a pledge since it’s so low risk, and share it about Dreamcast fans!