RANDOM : A Dreamcast Zip Drive Came Up For Sale, Hardly Anyone Noticed.

Cast your minds back to the last year of the Dreamcast, in it’s official availability, there was talks of a few add-on devices in an attempt to keep interest towards the console, some of these devices actually were released (Sega Kara, DreamEye, 4X Memory Unit) whereas, others were shelved before release (DVD Add on, MP3 VMU and Zip Drive). It’s the Zip drive, a project that Sega that entertained in 2000 with Iomega to produce with the thought process that data such as download content, emails and web content could be stored on 100mb zip diskettes that perhaps holds the most interesting public history really, as there are apparently a few prototypes kicking about with one passing hands on eBay in 2007, that’s pretty much the last time one was seen on such a common garden selling method… Until December 2018 that is, where an example came up for sale In Germany, it’s unknown if this is maybe the same unit from ’07, or if this is a totally different prototype.


It seems to have flown totally under the radar of your usual suspects that report on this sort of stuff, we had only found some information in Russian about the eBay listing and having clicked the link, the Zip Drive ended up selling for €4225.00 which is a hefty chunk of cash but perhaps worth it for something so hard to obtain, some would say it’s the ultimate Dreamcast collectible up to this point…. Until a DVD add on comes up for sale, of course!


Looking at the device, it isn’t far off the design for the Sega Kara unit, with the power supply acting as a passthrough from the main unit, and a similar metal heat shield (as seen in the Mega CD days) sandwiched between the two devices, on the front is where the discs are inserted and the modem is cabled from the console rather than attached as the zip drive requires the modem bay.

What’s your views on unreleased hardware? Do you think this justified it’s selling price?