Has The Dreamcast Version of Saber Rider Been Cancelled?

Bad news hit our inbox this morning regarding the Dreamcast Saber Riders & The Star Sheriffs from Rush On Game, turns out that Pixel Heart / JoshProd will no longer be publishing the game and Rush On Game are distancing themselves from the project entirely. Pre-orders started around May 2018 with an August 2018 release window, this soon shifted to around Christmas and after that, all went rather quiet, we began suspecting something was adrift with the Dreamcast version when it began missing projected dates and updates were becoming somewhat sparse, keeping in mind that the game was crowdfunded through Kickstarter, many backers stand to be out of pocket should the game end up ‘doing a Paprium’. We backed the game and I’m sure many of you have too, Rush On Game are offering refunds or an exchange towards the recently announced games, however, trying to get a refund from Kickstarter is going to be tough and sadly the PayPal claim back assist has gone past the time frame to claim – sadly this is proving more and more why crowd funding up front is a bad idea when it comes to small developed projects, I’m sure none of these developers aim to steal the cash and run, but life gets in the way and circumstances change, our advice would be vigilant, if there isn’t a demo up front and a clear product release line, don’t back it.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 20.04.54.png

Tweets about the game haven’t been updated since October 2018, we are currently trying to chase down more details and will let you know as we know more, in the meantime, feel free to make your voices heard on the Twitter page for the game :

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