Latest Dreamcast releases missing this one tiny detail….


As Dreamcast fans, by now, we’ve most likely become quite accustomed to having our latest games available in the blue PAL Europe style boxes with the semi official look fitting in perfectly with other games released on the system up to 2002. If you’ve bought the previous batches of JoshProd releases you’ll notice just how close these games look to late retail games on the system.


It’s been a collector’s dream to have such attention to detail lavished on the box art for these games, following very much in the footsteps of Watermelon’s Pier Solar which also saw a PAL release style of packaging too. However, it would seem that things have slightly changed with the most recent set of JoshProd games, if you look carefully on the front of the artwork, the Dreamcast logo and banner are absent meaning that these games share more in common with pre-2000 software rather than the later type which most collectors will have no doubt noticed. Sure, it’s a very small niggle, having spoken to Philippe Van Trong Nguyen of JoshProd, he confirmed to us that he would rather not possibly infringe any possible copyright by using these designs, it’s a shame really as uniformity is usually key with collectors of these types of games and that’s not to say we don’t understand why the changes have been made as we do. What perhaps would be nice would be much in the same way that Super Rare Games and Limited Run Games handle their packaging with having the number of the release on the spine of the game to make them stand out in a more positive light, urging buyers to grab the whole set… Just a thought.




As seen from footage taken earlier in the year showing Battle Crust, the idea of adding the banner had gone as far as the mock up of the artwork stage, also Another World has been previously spotted with the late Dreamcast banner added even on Philippe’s Facebook page from 2016. Either way, it’s only a small detail in an otherwise excellent set of games, have you pre-ordered yours yet?


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