40 Winks possible for Dreamcast after all.


Since the recently launched Kickstarter for the Nintendo 64 version of 40 Winks was created, there was buzz and rumour surrounding a possible Dreamcast port of the game being a hidden stretch goal, 40 Winks was originally released for the Sony PlayStation in 2000 with an N64 version to follow, this latter version never happened due to GT Interactive hitting financial turmoil which was a shame considering the Nintendo version was due to have a multiplayer mode not found on the 32 bit incarnation.


Well, it turns out today that after the runaway success Piko Interactive has been having with it’s Kickstarter – the game has been souring through it’s stretch goals, the team have now revealed that should the game reach 200,000 dollars, a ground up version will be developed for the Dreamcast meaning it’ll use the FMV from the PlayStation version in addition to the N64’s multiplayer. One would hope the graphics will be cleaned up slightly but this is all very exciting and really goes to show that in 2018, stranger things truly do happen in the world of Dreamcast. Although 200,000 dollars does seem a fair chunk of wedge, we think that it could very well be achievable.

Piko Interactive are no strangers to retro gaming, they’ve worked on Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar and other systems, bringing unreleased games and re-released software back from the dead, this marks the first time they’ve potentially working with the Dreamcast but it’s not their first time crowdfunding, some may remember the Super Nintendo 4 in 1 cartridge from 2012/13 which was successful and released in a timely fashion.

What’s your views? Could you see yourself playing 40 Winks?




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