Rush Rush Rally Racing Re-Edit Coming?


Remember in 2009 when Senile Team released their arcade racer Rush Rush Rally Racing on Dreamcast? The Micro Machines inspired title proved quite a decent seller on the console and spawned a regular version as well as a 2-disc collector’s edition before taking route on the Wii in 2012.


The Wii version came with various upgraded features but sadly due to the nature of the system’s limited online presence, the game didn’t perhaps do the numbers that Senile Team were expecting.

Fast forward to 2016 though, and it would seem that the game is ready to come back to the machine that started it all, our very own Dreamcast. What’s unclear is whether the game will have new features or stick the enhanced Wii version niceties into the original cut of the game. What we do know though is that if you missed out first time around, you really have no excuse not to pick this balls-to-the-wall racer up and add it to your collection when it releases (again).


We’ll keep our ears to the ground and post back once we know some more details.



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