Henshin Engine Coming To Dreamcast.


It’s probably common interest for those that regularly check Kickstarter that a game called Henshin Engine which was initially for the NEC PC Engine was funded within the last couple of weeks with the stretch goal of a possible Dreamcast version, well this has come to fruition and indeed a Sega version of the game will be produced which will launch later than the original 2017 date slated for the PC Engine version of the game.

The Dreamcast version will play closer to the PC variant of the game and will take advantage of both platforms being based on more powerful hardware compared to the PC Engine version.

The game itself is modelled very closely on 16 bit Japanese games from the 1990’s and to a lesser extent, 8-bit. Henshin Engine very much falls into the platform game genre and follows a plot very taylor made for the PC Engine from the blurb below.

We can expect the game on Dreamcast from late 2017 and official word as of yet whether the game will follow the current packaging trend of keeping in line with the PAL / NTSC box format layout.

This story follows gamer-gal Yuki Shirokawa who just started an apprenticeship for the Jipang Electronics Corporation (JEC). Her favorite gaming console is the FX-Engine, a product of JEC. She later discovers something crazy about her beloved FX-Engine that would change her


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