Zia and The Goddesses of Magic Coming August for Dreamcast.


Orion Software is a developer that is really making waves in the Dreamcast community in 2016, we’ve already seen Elansar & Philia and Orion Puzzle Collection but now Zia and the Goddesses of Magic is almost ready for release at the end of August, this 16-Bit inspired RPG has been in development for a year alongside the PC and PlayStation versions.


Here’s a brief run down of the title :

“In a world where magic is Queen, people lived happily and safely under the protection of the ten guardian goddesses. Out of the unknown came a powerful demon who brought trouble upon the world, and all the goddesses got captured and locked away.
Zia is a little girl who lives in a village in the mountains with her parents.
When she was younger, she discovered a spell book and started to practice magic.
An old wise man came and told Zia about the existence of several spell books spread around the world.
During her journey, Zia will discover the trapped goddesses.
Now is your chance to help her rescue the goddesses from the evil creatures by casting magic spells!”


How do you feel about a retro RPG coming to the Dreamcast? Is it something you’ll add to your collection? Zia and the Goddesses of Magic releases in the later part of August 2016 and can be ordered here : http://onorisoft.free.fr/retroshop/dc.htm



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