Shadow Gangs aims to bring arcade brawling to the Dreamcast.


It seems like Kickstarter campaigns are in full force of late, we’ve had a few successful runs at funding games for our white 128 bit box of joy at times, other games haven’t quite found the funding goal like the recent Xenocider. Thankfully, this hasn’t prevented a UK based developer trying to gain some success (and exposure) via the popular crowd funding site.

Shadow Gangs follows a similar path to many 16 bit era side scrolling beat-em-ups, imagine Shinobi mixed with Two Crude Dudes and you’re halfway to what Shadow Gangs is all about, comprising of 5 missions where players tackle missions ranging from street scenarios to Mount Fuji, the graphics look pretty good and the gameplay is certainly getting there even if the collision animations need some more work – considering the game is projected for release in 2018, we assume that more work will go into the engine and the levels no doubt will be padded out also.


You can back Shadow Gangs for as low as £30 (plus shipping) here :


The game will need £28,000 to become a reality, Shadow Team have their work cut out to reach that goal but maybe incentives like a custom Dreamcast and other console support would close the funding gap.


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