Could Wonder Boy be coming back to Sega hardware?


If you’re a gamer of a certain age, chances are you’ll remember the Wonder Boy series of games that came out across Sega’s 8 bit and 16 bit platforms in the early nineties. The series went largely dormant by the mid 90’s with the PlayStation generation of gamers missing out on these solid platform antics of yesteryear.

Well, DotEmu who primarily deal with mobile titles are looking to remake the Master System entry, Wonder Boy III : The Dragon’s Trap with console support otherwise not locked down, it could be high time to get your email requests in to the developer via their website stating that we’d like to see a Dreamcast version, one such fan has done just that with the reply certainly not a no if the interest is there. Thanks to Walt Null for sending this in.

Thanks for reaching out!

We both love deeply the Dreamcast. In fact my first game job was for a game the Dreamcast!. In 2002 I ran a gamedev team at my school and we produced 5 homebrew Dreamcast mini-games with student.

Now, for our current game, it is too early for us to tell. Making the primary version will be a lot of work for us and we may not have the resources to do extras, especially if a DC version would sell, say, 500 copies, it would be done at a loss for us and we really don’t have pocket deep enough for that sort of extra-fun tongue emoticon But we’ll see. Thanks for querying tho! and don’t hesitate to share that on DC fans page maybe to help gauging interest.


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