What Ever Happened To? Part 5 : Drill


This is one that perhaps not many folk have heard of before or perhaps a title that has slipped from recent memory, Drill was a vertical shooter that was being developed by Handmade Games between 2005 to approximately 2006 for the Dreamcast and was looking mighty impressive, perhaps it’s scope was half the reason it was cancelled as this was a highly polished and accomplished game for the system.


Drill takes place in Neo-Paris and tasks the player to take the role as Nina, a presumably French witch as you shoot various enemies from the sky in a fast paced colourful adventure with small story-based elements occurring early in the gameplay. Drill features a cool side bar to the left of the screen which keeps your score and HUD items, a nice and professional touch to the game.

The game’s main draw is the drill mechanism which is used to create combos during a play through. A combination of different buttons (A, AB, B etc) allows for different moves to be executed.


It’s not really clear what actually happened to Drill, their website http://www.drill.rr.nu/ is long since inactive, details are scarce online but plenty of work took place on the game and an early version is actually playable via the usual sources on the Internet. Like most small team DC projects, time and money no doubt played a massive part in the demise of Drill, it’s a shame that crowd funding didn’t exist in the way it does today back then, things could have been very different indeed, even more so if RedSpotGames or Hucast had stepped in for development and publishing help.

You can play Drill in 2016 on stock Dreamcast hardware via the downloadable demo which is fun if not unfinished (the mid-level boss doesn’t show up, enemies recycled, incomplete user interface) but it serves as a fascinating look at the game.



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