Alice Dreams Tournament Cover Art Revealed.


Remember when the guys developing Dynamite Dreams took to Kickstarter and managed to raise well above the initial asking pledge for their newly renamed Alice Dreams Tournament? Did you Pledge?

Of course you did! Well, today the team have revealed what the cover art for the upcoming game will look like. Things are looking pretty darn fine in first impressions, the covers look very much in the style of Senile Team’s work specifically with the cover art for Rush Rush Rally Racing coming to mind.


Alice Team have lifted the lid on all three designs (JAP, US & PAL) we have to say that the PAL special edition looks absolutely lovely and we hope that the Dreamcast text and swirl will be used on all the versions which it should be since Pier Solar released with all the logos and typefaces present.

Alice Dreams Tournament releases later in the year and is being distributed by Watermelon.



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