Whatever Happened To? Part 3 : Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


Back in 2001, the Dreamcast was awash with mixed tidings, the console had just been discontinued but considering how easy the machine was to program for, plenty of support was still in the pipeline for the console.


As the months came and went, it became painfully clear that really, only Sega were producing games worthy of purchase for the console as support was slowly being striped away, one such title was Fox Interactive’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer. By all accounts, the game was meant to be with us in Summer 2001 but all went quite and well, it never happened. To this day, no beta or even alpha game play has been seen and apart from two screenshots shared in Dreamcast Magazine in mid-2001 it’s unclear if any work even happened on the Dreamcast version of the game. What we can see in the screenshots is that the HUD is different to the Xbox version released in 2002 plus the graphics appear closer the multi-platform released Chaos Bleeds rather than the aforementioned Xbox exclusive.


So what’s the real reason behind the games demise? Sure the announcement of Sega’s hardware discontinuation didn’t help matters but probably considering the power that the Xbox could provide to the game in addition to the buzz of exclusive IP making or breaking a console back then could prove to be the reason, of course, if this is indeed the reworked Dreamcast game then Electronic Arts picking up distribution rights most likely sealed the deal.

What’s your views?


One thought on “Whatever Happened To? Part 3 : Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

  1. Ive said this a ton. I believe if Sega wouldve just held on for a more months before announcing that they were pulling from the market we wouldve of been enjoying these games today. Even if they would of hung on to the end of Summer/early Fall. Unfortunately they made the announcement pretty early on and support was cut. As you said other than a few games most of the games that trickled out after that point were Sega games. Even half life which was suppose to be a big title was 95% complete at that stage.

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