Classic NG:Dev.Team titles re-released.


This is probably another first for the Dreamcast post-discontinuation, NG:Dev.Team, the team behind some highly rated and sought after Neo Geo and Dreamcast titles have decided to re-release a few of their classic games again to satisfy further demand.

This move is quite encouraging considering the small install base the Dreamcast commands in 2016, a total of 999 units of Gunlord, Last Hope Pink Bullets and Fast Striker will be manufactured in new jewel case packaging rather than the original DVD case versions.

The games vary from 32 EUR up to 36 EUR and if you’ve not bought any of these games previously, the company are offering a 3-game bundle for 79 EUR.

Here’s the official announcement :

Newsletter: Jewelcase re-issue of Dreamcast titles.

Dear Dreamcast customers,

due to popular demand we decided to re-issue some of our past DC games in a Japanese styled Jewelcase edition.

Gunlord, Fast Striker and Last Hope Pink Bullets.

999 units where produced.

This is mostly aimed at new customers but some people probably want to switch from DVD to CD cases too.

The game data is identical to past versions. Only the print artworks were changed.

We created an attractive bundle that saves up to 23 EUR. It’s limited to 333 units.

Shipping is scheduled to start between April 20th and 25th.

You can find the items here:

Best regards,


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