Flappy Bird Released…. On VMU.


Developers working on software for the Dreamcast can never be said to lack creative talent, we’ve had many excellent games and emulators released for the machine since 2001 and plenty of ports to keep us entertained for hours, what may come as a complete surprise though is Flappy Bird being released for the humble Visual Memory Unit.

The game was made popular on mobile devices back in 2014 and has been subject to many clones since, this marks the first time the game has been released on low power hardware like the VMU and also marks a first for a popular commercial title to be ported to the device.


You’ll need an SD reader to load the game onto the VMU but it’ll sure be worth the effort to take the unit out and about for a quick play.

What’s your views? Would you like to see more Visual Memory games released? Maybe a commercial loader disc?


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