Could Super Noah’s Ark 3D Be Heading to DC?



Take this as a potential rumour at this stage but we’ve got wind that Wisdom Tree’s infamous first person action game Super Noah’s Ark 3D could be making it’s way to the Dreamcast in the near future. The game  was originally conceived as believe it or not, a Hellraiser licenced first person shooter for the Super Nintendo which later lapsed to become the game released in 1994. Super Noah’s Ark 3D is perhaps best known for not being licensed by Nintendo and was sold mainly in Christian bookstores leading to dismal sales.

Super Noah’s Ark was a very sought after title, it was considered to be amongst the top valued games for the Super Nintendo and Piko Interactive – who now own the rights to the game, re-released it a few years back.

The Dreamcast version would no doubt be outsourced by Piko and developing duties would fall to Isotope Softworks, perhaps best known for their recent work on SlaVE for the Dreamcast. It’s unclear if the 128 bit version would be much different to the later Steam / OSX port of the game, but Isotope would be using their 3DGE Engine which would suggest the game would indeed run and look better on the Dreamcast.


1 thought on “Could Super Noah’s Ark 3D Be Heading to DC?

  1. I would be very surprised if Isotopes even had time to tackle another project, much less be able to finish it. SL@VE still isn’t out, Hypertension will probably never come out, SCOURGE is dead… I worked with them for just over a year on Hypertension and I pretty much have zero faith they will ever complete a gaming or outsourcing project. Hell, I had to tell them to stop using music I did for them after I found out one of my tracks was still on their Soundcloud page even after they acknowledged I left. Utter ineptness.

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