Volgarr The Viking releases on disc, in secret.


Some of you may remember in 2015 that a little-known Xbox Live Arcade title by Mad Viking Studios was ported to the Dreamcast as a free release by Marc Hall, this old school, tough-as-nails platform game was subject to a very interesting and dedicated following.

What we’ve learnt recently is that there was also a small quantity (100) pressed to disc which strangely, apart from a select few, nobody even knew about – bearing in mind that Dreamcast Today try and keep up with all the physical releases for the machine, this one totally slipped us by.

The reasoning behind this is that a small German forum called Circuit Board actioned getting 100 pressed copies made and lucky fans where able to buy these for 6.96 EUR and provide their own PAL blue case to house the game in. What we have here is a game which – if never re-printed, will probably be the rarest PAL game for the console.

We can only hope that in the near future, someone else can step up to publishing duties and get the game released. We’ve borrowed this image from Stefan Nowak to show you how beautiful the packaging is on this…

What’s your views, should this game see a more general release, maybe without the certificate to keep the initial batch worth something?



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