Is the Dreamcast 2 real? No.


It may have come to many keen readers attention within the last 24 hours that ‘facts’ are emerging about Sega re-entering the hardware race with what will seem to be a console / PC hybrid games system which would presumably rival Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo once more like those halcyon days of the early 21st century…

Well, although we here at Dreamcast Today aren’t 100% debunking the rumours flying around, what we can say with an air of foresight is that Sega are in no financial position to re-enter the hardware market, R&D costs alone are probably more than Sega’s net value  make a console worthy as a successor to the legendary Dreamcast console let alone the costs of marketing and striking deals to get developers back on board to support the company once more.

New hardware is extremely expensive and risky to produce and bring to market, had Sega been looking to re-enter the hardware race, it would have probably released a console which would have already been prototyped; much in the same vein as Coleco did with slapping their name on the RETRO VGS console earlier this month – this is a low-risk move which doesn’t really put a major player like Sega in too much hot water should it not take off, in this sense, we’d be far more likely to see a revised Dreamcast unit rather than some new all-singing hardware from the company.


One thing that we all must look at realistically here is; what IP does Sega still have that they wouldn’t mess up on a new system? All of the Dreamcast-era software was a perfect time capsule because it hasn’t been messed with too much post AM2 / Smilebit / Sega Rossa / Sonic Team / No Cliche talent days, we all have seen how later iterations of our beloved franchises have turned out, Sonic being a prime example of this, aside from a few decent Nintendo outings, the games have been borderline unplayable.

Another point worth noting, is where has this information come from? We did a quick Google search and couldn’t find anything worth pricking our ears up about and no ‘major player’ websites have picked up on a possible new Sega machine aside from a flimsy website link which is using an old style Sega logo not used by the company since the Master System days from a passing glance.

What’s your views here?


3 thoughts on “Is the Dreamcast 2 real? No.

  1. Somehow the idea of a Dreamcast 2 does not excite me like before mainlky because consoles these days are just made from outdated PC parts unlike the past where they had more “propietary” hardware that made it more interesting to me. 🙂

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