New Dreamcast game ‘James and Watch’ pops up for purchase.


Welcome to the twilight period of the year Dreamcast fans, historically speaking, not much action occurs for the console around the holiday season but 2015 has been a different beast, we’ve just recently had Pier Solar unleashed on Dreamcast and Hucast are due to ship the Limited Edition Ghost Blade pre-orders this month along with GOAT confirming what we suspected, SlaVe still needs more time.

So it comes with some surprise that a left fielder has popped up, James and Watch is a retro inspired collection of mini games which has been released for the Dreamcast, what the keen observers may have noticed, although this is a physical release; the quality of the release leaves a lot to be desired. The developer has opted for a Lightscribe disc format which is prone to drastic fading based on it’s heat based printing technology.


On a positive note, the game does ship as a ‘limited edition’ which includes a custom James and Watch cup – one has to ask, why the developer didn’t instead go down the route of creating a better disc design rather than jumping straight for the extras side of things. Either way, the game costs £25 / $37 the team here will almost certainly hold off to see if a more professional looking product surfaces, marking this as the first release we have skipped.


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