Volgarr the Viking released on Dreamcast… For free!


Yes, you read that correctly, those generous bods over at Crazy Viking Studios have released 2013’s Volgarr the Viking on the 128-bit Sega console. This hard as nails platform game harks back to the days of the Genesis/Megadrive era and marks the first time that a game has been retro-actively ported from the current generation Xbox One back to the humble DC.

volgarr_screen_02 volgarr_screen_03

The studio could have quite easily released this quality software on disc and I have no doubt that fans would have lapped it up, but to release it from free is a massively generous step that all Dreamcast owner should take advantage of for sure.


What Dreamcast Today would ask in exchange and gratitude for Crazy Viking Studio’s work is to head over to their Facebook page linked below and comment that you’re happy to see their games on our system, hopefully they continue to work on the Sega machine in the near future.



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