Saber Rider to be published by Watermelon.


We had a feeling that this may end up happening eventually with such potential from this particular release for the Dreamcast, it would appear that Watermelon, the team behind the soon-to-be-released Pier Solar HD have stepped up to the plate for the publishing rights to Star Saber’s Dreamcast release. The game is currently still undergoing it’s crowd funding at this time so it’s unclear if the game will still be published regardless or whether the game must hit it’s funding goal before Watermelon step in to handle the rest, which won’t be an issue as the game has gone over it’s target ensuring a DC port.


What we do know is that the game still needs more funding to become a fully fledged vision and everyone hopefully should be using the last few days to make it a reality and more features packed into the game, with the help of Watermelon, we can expect to see the correct packaging style being used for the box art and Dreamcast logos in place where applicable, which let’s face facts, we all like our games to have this uniformity.

If you’re late to the party, help funding this game below ;


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