Alice Dreams Tournament hits funding goal with ease, aiming towards more VMU interaction.


With very little surprise, Alice Dreams Tournament (originally Dynamite Dreams) has easily surpassed it’s initial funding goal for the Dreamcast meaning the game is cementing in for a release on our console that refuses to die.


The slick-looking title will be released sometime in 2016 after being originally shown way back in 2008 under the title Dynamite Dreams, what is interesting with this particular Kickstarter is how the developers set a very realistic target for the funding barrier and weren’t greedy, this has resonated with gamers and as such has caused the funding to surge to past 12,000 Euro with still 24 days on the clock.

At 14,000 Euro, we will see added VMU interaction added to the game which should become a reality within a week we’d estimate.


Alice Company have created a beautiful product campaign and have maintained excellent communications with their backers and long-time fans of their work, it’s encouraging to see Alice Dreams – an early platform title from the team thrown in with the collectors edition, if you haven’t experienced this game, Dreamcast Today urge you to fund this version as it’s well worth a play and hopefully one day, will be completed.

Grab a piece of the action here :


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