Could Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs be heading to the Dreamcast?


Here’s another one that came out of nowhere, based on the cult 80’s show, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs was initially teased as a stretch goal for the Dreamcast but now has become part of the main funding goal along side the PC and 3DS versions of the game.


  • Real 80’s IP & real 80’s feeling
  • 16-Bit Style Graphics
  • 12 differently themed missions
  • 4 playable characters and their vehicles (Saber Rider, Fireball, April and Colt)
  • Different weapons
  • Intense Mecha battles called “Challenge Phase”
  • Game Soundtrack based on Dale Schacker’s Original Series Soundtrack
  • Voices from the Series featuring Peter Cullen and others
  • Bonus Games & Highscores
  • In-game music box
  • Nintendo 3DS Play Coin Support
  • Full New Nintendo 3DS Support
  • Stereoscopic 3D on Nintendo 3DS
  • Scanline Filter for the PC Version for perfect retro feeling
  • Perfect playability with tight controls
  • Secrets to discover


The game requires $75,000 as the base goal to make the Dreamcast version a reality, it seems a very interesting title and one that would certainly be welcome in the console’s diverse library. Worth noting is that the Dreamcast version is near on exclusive to the Kickstarter and is due in 2017, hopefully all Dreamcast fans will pledge towards the game and bring it on home.


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