Dreamcast console sales see a large spike.


No doubt this was going to start to happen eventually anyway but it would seem that with recent efforts from independent developers, Shenmue III coverage and general in-vogue nature of retro gaming, the Dreamcast console has started to see a big uptake in interest according to various sources across the Internet.

The console was released in 1998 in Japanese regions and 1999 in the West and was discontinued due to a magnitude of internal errors within Sega Corporation in 2001, the console has enjoyed a steady stream of releases even through 2015, support of which has led the console to outlive it’s competitors, namely the PlayStation 2, Gamecube and Xbox.


The Dreamcast presents itself in a very unique situation, it has shared releases with many consoles over the years and that appears to show no signs of slowing down. There was always going to be a day where the console would begin to find more favour with collectors and those looking to retrospectively play the genesis of key franchises, Shenmue being a prime example of this.

Of course, what we’d all prefer to see is the Dreamcast return to production in some form maybe akin to the upcoming Retro VGS which is due to hit Kickstarter later this year. With demand rising for the console and more of them failing each year that passes, let’s hope that the surge in console sales leads to a similar rise in new software sales.


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