Xenocider coming to Dreamcast.


Following on from The Dreamcast Junkyard’s interview with Dreamcast developers, Retro Sumus, it would appear that the team are currently working on not just Ameba, but also a Space Harrier like title called ‘Xenocider’ this game features both ground and space sequences and although it looks to be in early days, it’s shaping up to be another interesting and diverse title from the team.


Xenocider is a title built from the ground up by the team and doesn’t utilize any specific engine currently available so development will certainly take time, hopefully the team concentrate on getting Ameba finished and then move development time over to this newly unveiled project.


Do you feel that Xenocider is a title you’d buy for your Dreamcast? Let us know your thoughts, you can also visit the team’s page here : http://retrosumus.com

In addition, you can read the full interview with the team via The Dreamcast Junkyard here



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