Could Mr. Nutz be making it’s way back to a Sega console near you?


Some readers of a certain age may remember back in 1994 a title released for the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) called Mr. Nutz. Mr Nutz was a platform title that featured a Squirrel as the main character (think a 2D Conker, and you’re on the right lines) and your main aim was to stop Mr Yeti from taking over the world via various platform staple tricks used back in the 90’s.

Well, there was a sequel to the game that was meant to be released in 1995 via Ocean Software, it never happened, apart from the 1994 Amiga sequel. Source code for Mr. Nutz 2 was leaked online and the build was use to create stock cartridges for use on the Megadrive console, but now the original developer is ready to consider officially releasing a remaster or full-blown follow up to the game and is currently weighing up the options of what format to release the game on. From what we can see from the image above, the game looks to have been overhauled somewhat. Now would be a perfect time to head over to his Facebook page, linked below to show your desire for a Dreamcast remastered version of the game, go on DC fans, let’s bring Mr. Nutz home.


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