Hucast announced Redux 2 out of nowhere.


When you think of Dux and it’s sister title, Redux; you think of a series of games that surely by now would have exhausted all possible options for ideas for further instalments but, this clearly isn’t the case as Hucast have revealed Redux 2 with will be gracing the Dreamcast in 2016.

The game carries on the same premise as the original title boasting seven stages with a far more varied range of scenery compared to it’s predecessor, from the screen shots below, we can see that the game already looks very impressive indeed.

rdx2_desert rdx2_space1

Below is the official statement regarding the upcoming game :

“Making games for Dreamcast is a luxury today, as its difficult to get a coder who is able to programme the complex hardware for Sega’s power horse for gaming back in the days. However, I’m happy to say that I finally found a skilled coder to complete Ghost Blade for Sega Dreamcast. A release date was set to September 17, 2015.

Anyway, now to the main concern of this blog entry, here’s another great news for everyone, a brand new Dreamcast game, namely Redux 2 is in development and will come for  Sega Dreamcast next year. After the colorful DUX and its dark themed remake Redux, it’s time for a proper sequel with new player ships and tons of new weapons.

Now enjoy this first 2 alpha screens of Redux 2 (Work in Progress) and a boss enemy concept art”


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