Kraut Busters announced for Neo Geo – Dreamcast port to follow?

NG.Dev:Team have this morning lifted the curtain on their latest Neo Geo game, Kraut Busters plays homage to run ‘n’ gun titles like Metal Slug and boasts a 60FPS run speed with an arcade-like average run time of 35 minutes and various boss fights, plenty of detail has gone into the quality of the graphics, unlike Gunlord which released on Dreamcast back in 2012.

Interestingly, Kraut Busters so far has garnered almost universal negative attention from Neo Geo fans, claiming it’s a rip off of Metal Slug and asking the company to create a more original title, Dreamcast fans have been far more open to the title releasing for their console since such a genre was never represented during the console’s lifespan.

Time will tell if Kraut Busters get a general Dreamcast release, but going by past history – it’s a given we’d say.

“Europe, Krautland 1936

You are part of the glorious albeit infamous Kraut Buster corps.
Your goal is to defeat the evil dictator Dolph Edelwolf and rescue all chicks!

Play as either John “Küken” Mallone or Jack “Handsome” Rowdy.

Game Features (exact details are subject to change):

– several long stages with varied and changing settings
– 5-6 end bosses and several sub bosses
– 2 player simultaneous mode
– Chain based scoring system to provide a long term challenge
– multiple heights/ways platforming for more ways to play the game
– 3 “routes” / difficulties
– Arcade perfect playtime of approx. 35 minutes per run (normal route)
– Bloodpumping arcade soundtrack by Rafael Dyll
– 60fps / 60hz (runs 2x as smooth as similar games on the NG)


– Beautiful handcrafted true 16-bit pixel art

– large panoramic backgrounds with a lot of paralax elements

– big fully animated bosses

– tons of animation, little details and pixel love

Hardware Specs (MVS/AES cartridges):

Will use approximately 784 Megabits (exact megcount is TBD)
Full digitized stereo soundtrack
In-system software updates via USB port (MVS)
Custom made PCBs / Custom made cartridge shell

Improved UNI-BIOS/CMVS support: bootup logo and config menu is supported / insert credit via select button

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One thought on “Kraut Busters announced for Neo Geo – Dreamcast port to follow?

  1. Early footage of this games looks awesome. I bet Neo fans will warm up to this game. In any even we Dreamcast fans are always clamoring for new releases. These type of games werent really represented on the DC ( Expendable not sure what else), im sure it will do will if they decided to port it to the Dreamcast.

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