Hucast no longer shipping games outside Europe.

Germany-based Dreamcast powerhouse, Hucast have just recently announced plans to stop shipping their future releases outside of Europe, so what does this mean for Dreamcast fans in other countries? Well, Rene Helwig is clearly trying to limit overheads and shipping is probably very expensive for the company, this would probably lead to a higher quality of product being made later down the line accounting for extra budgets.

Gamers around the world looking to buy Hucast’s efforts can still order via which is a reliable import game stockist and shouldn’t fret too much about this announcement.

“Since there was some confusions I’d like to explain my decision for only shipping within EU from my HUCAST store (In May 1).

Fist off, US, Canadian and all non-EU orders was always welcome at HUCAST, in fact many of my customers come from US. However, since I’m no native publisher I need to minimize my effort on the publishing side to maximize my effort on the game dev side.

Anyway, I’ll do best effort to find the perfect solution for US (And all non-EU) customers so they can enjoy and buy my games to a fair price when bought form an external retailer.

However I’m not sad at all because everybody will still have access to my games, so I’m looking forward to a great future of new Dreamcast games from HUCAST.”


2 thoughts on “Hucast no longer shipping games outside Europe.

  1. that’s good. no more shitty service from you refusing to replace broken ‘delivered’ products that were NOT mistreated in the post – such as broken sturmwind spaceship wings… pittiful service.

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