Leona’s Tricky Adventures released on PC via Steam.


It’s hard to deny that Leona’s Tricky Adventures had had a somewhat turbulent development period, we had the well-documented Kickstarter that failed and independent funding that seemed to go nowhere for almost a year, but behind the scenes, beta testers were helping iron out the flaws present in the game before it could see the light of day, fast forward to November 2014 and the game is finally starting to see a release.

Currently the Dreamcast version is still TBA for release whereas, the PC version has now been released on Steam. This news certainly rests our minds that the Dreamcast port could still be a ‘thing’ and not vaporware.

What’s your view, Will you be buying the game?

Dreamcast Today have 3 Steam keys to give out for the game for some lucky readers, to be able to win, leave a comment and we will select some winners!


4 thoughts on “Leona’s Tricky Adventures released on PC via Steam.

  1. Oh I hope this game gets released on the Dreamcast. I was quite surprised to see this get released on Steam and also amazed. Hope these developers get the support hey need for the Dreamcast release.

  2. The developers came out of seemingly nowhere and did a kickstarter. No prior fanfare or info leading up the kickstarter campaign. Since they were unknown group not many people put up the money. Worse yet not many even knew about this game. It was a small but important oversight. Im glad they got their game released on Steam, and hopefully they can get a DC release. Hopefully we will see more from them on the DC platform. We DC enthusiast are a small bunch but a loyal one to. Most of us will support them.

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