New Dreamcast game ‘Ameba’ in development.


Well this one came somewhat out of the blue, didn’t it? A new Dreamcast has been announced recently by a team called Retro Samus, these guys are aiming to make the Dreamcast’s first visual adventure game in almost a decade.

Certainly this type of game is part of the winds of change when it comes to specific genres for the console, usually we are used to shoot-em-ups since the console began getting frequent releases but recently we’ve seen puzzle, RPG, FPS and now Visual Novel Adventure games catered for.

Not much is known about the game, and usually, we wouldn’t report on a game this early into it’s development cycle, but the trailer released a few days ago certainly looks slick. Time will tell if the game actually makes it out (Leona’s Tricky Adventures, we’re looking at you), one thing is for certain though – it’ll need some form of crowd-funding in the near future.

Check out the official website here :


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