More The Ghost Blade information.

It’s been a little while since we heard anything about the hotly-anticipated The Ghost Blade for the Dreamcast, we’ve seen the first alpha trailer and a few screenshots but that was about it…. Until now.

Hucast have shot a projectile from the darkness giving us the proper trailer for the game, and damn, is it looking sweet! The game could certainly be up there with the best-looking releases since the retail decline of the console in 2001.

Looking at the trailer, it’s clear to see the beauty of the game, reminding us here at DC-Today of Ikaruga from 2002.

Many fans were expecting The Ghost Blade to hit the console in 2014 but the trailer now confirms that the game will be with us in 2015 instead, in many ways this is quite acceptable considering we’ve got Pier Solar to keep our consoles busy until this game launches.

Hucast have a long history of releasing Dreamcast titles, if you’ve missed out on their previous works, you can head over to where previous Dreamcast efforts, Dux and Redux : Dark Matters are currently reduced in price and additionally, you can pre-order The Ghost Blade if you haven’t already.

Check out the latest trailer above.


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