What happened to? : Leona’s Tricky Adventures

We’re starting a new regular slot on Dreamcast Today and it’ll be the ‘What happened to?’ series of articles which we will briefly check the progress of a title that’s meant to be heading to the Dreamcast.


Let’s start with Leona’s Tricky Adventures, here we have a game that was initially destined for crowd-funding via Kickstarter in 2013, after the success that Hucast and KTX Software found with Redux : Dark Matters it was naturally logical that KTX Software would use the platform to fund it’s solo project, after-all; the Dreamcast community loves new games, right? Well, yes there is that, but the one thing KTX Software perhaps overlooked was that unlike Hucast, there wasn’t any marketing done for the title before hand, there wasn’t the fanfare and expectations that were evident in Hucast’s project, the scene weren’t aware of the game prior to the Kickstarter and some would even discuss the viability of puzzle genre titles on the system.

When the Kickstarter for Leona’s didn’t meet its goal and was shut early, we weren’t too surprised here at DC Today, we knew they had another plan up their sleeve, that plan was to fund the title privately through their own website…. This is where things get a little shady, the pre-order scheme used via PayPal would secure you a Kickstarter edition (if you originally pledged) or a standard copy of the game costing 25 Euros – now this was back in 2013 with a projected release date to be not far behind that, anyone who is up on using PayPal knows that there’s only a set time that a transaction can be disputed, and anyone who pledged is certainly out of that period now.

Recently, the website for the game has just been displaying an under construction banner and the option to pre-order is no longer there, so that begs the question, what about those that did pay? Where is the game? What happened with the closed Beta testing that was going on? Something about this title doesn’t seem right to us here at Dreamcast Today.

We will naturally keep reporting if something does happen with this title but at the moment at least, it seems a pretty shut case.



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