Elysian Shadows flies through Kickstarter base goal.



Well done is in order to all Dreamcast fans who pledged their trust and cash into Elysian Team’s promising upcoming RPG, Elysian Shadows. As many of you are now aware, the game ended with 124% funding meaning that $184,322 of the $150,000 goal was met, this marks a record in regards of funding for a game released on Dreamcast.

The game also managed to hit the the “New Game+” stretch goal adding even more play time to the title. The team also shared a while back that Watermelon would also take up the publishing rights for the Dreamcast version with the Ouya, PC/MAC and mobile version being presumably handled in house.

Elysian Shadows is due for release in the later half of 2015 and will be a physical release for the system, the first batch of which were signed by the team themselves and a general release can be assumed once the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. There was also a $125 Limited Edition release that was available exclusively to Kickstarter, this edition was extremely limited and can be assumed will fit in with the design of Watermelon’s upcoming Dreamcast release, Pier Solar HD which had a similar campaign during it’s crowd-funding run.



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