Elysian Shadows’ Kickstarter gets off to flying start.



Well Dreamcast fan, we’re into August now so this can only mean one thing, Elysian Shadows has launched on Kickstarter! The title is looking for $150,000 of crowd-funding for the team to be able to complete the rest of the work on the game. 

$150,000 may seem like a high amount for a Dreamcast title to be produced, but let’s have a look at the facts – the game isn’t just in development for the 128-bit Sega console, it’s also coming to Android, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Linux and Ouya, the team have stated that with enough resources, the game will play to the strengths of each key format, naturally, the Dreamcast is the lead. 

For you to net yourself a Dreamcast standard physical release, Dreamcast Today recommends the ‘Resurrection’ package which, if you’re quick enough, at $49 will be signed by the team themselves. For those more interested in limited edition releases, there’s also the ‘Limited Edition’ perk which come with a figurine, soundtrack, Scroll, physical game, art book, comic bundled in a special game-themed ‘chest’, this perk costs $125 but seems worth it for the loot and you’re obviously helping the team further the scope of Elysian Shadows.


The game will be published in Winter 2015 by Watermelon and backers will be allowed to pick the region they’d like the game box art to be, much like the Pier Solar Kickstarter where you could choose the PAL, NTSC or NTSC-J style cases.

At time of writing, the team have hit $33,000 of their $150,000 target, should they hit $250,000, the game will also release for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U marking another cross-generational release for the Dreamcast to enjoy. Let’s make this possible DC players! 


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