NG:DEV.Team holding summer sale on Dreamcast titles.


German development house, NG:Dev.Team have today revealed that they are holding a summer sale on all their current Dreamcast inventory. You can now save up to 30% from the original RRP amount, this includes some used Collector’s Edition variants as well.

If you’re yet to purchase the games that the team publish, there’s now no better time. Listed below is the titles included in the sale.


NEO XYX Collector’s Edition WAS 99.00 Eur                 NOW 80 EUR

NEO XYX Limited Edition      WAS 49.00 Eur                 NOW 38 EUR

NEO XYX Regular Edition     WAS 34.00 Eur                NOW 24 EUR


What’s your view on these discounted prices? Are you taking the plunge? The Regular Edition looks worth a go even if you’re unsure whether it’s your thing.


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