Elysian Shadows being published by Watermelon.


Hot off the heels of the recent Vlog from the team at Elysian Shadows, it’s now been confirmed that Watermelon Games are set to publish the title on the Dreamcast.

The team hinted at this during their last release of Adventures in Game Development and Dreamcast Today didn’t want to spoil it for anybody who hadn’t seen the video at the time.

Watermelon are gaining quite a reputation for high quality retro games across the board and publishing Elysian Shadows gives the game the best exposure it could possibly have outside RedSpotGames or Hucast marketing it.

It’s unclear as of yet any potential release window but we do know the team will be holding a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign in late Summer to help production of the title, it’s safe to assume that the game will follow Watermelon’s packaging design that gives the option for PAL, Japanese or North American art and box parameters – Dreamcast Today personally would be happy to see the PAL box design for Elysian Shadows considering how striking the blue template would contrast the teams current front cover.


You will have to excuse our rather rough mock up of how the game cover could look in PAL style.

2014 is certainly a busy year behind the scenes for the Dreamcast, some could mark 2013-14 the busiest since the console went out of production in 2001.


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