Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness Being Published by GOAT Store Publishing.


The rumours have been floating around for months regarding which publisher would release Isotope’s duo of Dreamcast titles, Scourge and Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness, Dreamcast Today have known for a little while that GSP were involved with Isotope and had picked up the titles but now that the Midwest Gaming convention has come and gone it’s public knowledge that the company are indeed publishing the games.

A new trailer for Hypertension has been released to the public via Isotope’s website and Facebook page and a tentative release window of late 2014 has been given. The game is looking very impressive and marks a change of pace to the ‘Shumps’ usually released for the machine from Europe.

Both Hypertension and Scourge are being developed in California and the team at Isotope enlisted the help of Andrew Cordon who previous worked on vaporware title Tahi – Arocean War also for Dreamcast. GSP are also located in North America.

You can check out the reveal from the Midwest Gaming Convention below.



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