Isotope looking for small monthly funding to help finish Scourge.



Isotope, the developers behind Scourge and Hypertension : Harmony Of Darkness are currently seeking monthly funding to help towards the finishing of their titles due for release on Dreamcast this year. Primarily, the funding will be put towards paying staffers that are currently signed on the projects and will help finish up in a timely manor. 

Many potential backers may be put off by the idea of ‘crowd funding’ but in actual fact, Isotope are only looking for around $40 per month which is a risible amount considering how much could be raised if we all chipped in. Isotope have gone on record to state that they cannot use Kickstarter to complete funding due to their publishing agreement with Goat Store Publishing, we assume it’d be a conflict of interest and money coming and going without being properly accounted for.

Dreamcast Today strongly recommend that anybody feeling charitable should head over and donate even if it’s 50 cents, it all helps! At time of writing, the donation goal for January has been met, but wouldn’t it be great if we exceeded the goal and helped even further than Isotope even expected.

Both Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness and Scourge are due to ship for Dreamcast in the later part of 2014. Head over to the link to spread some PayPal love.


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