Twist It coming in 2014


It’s been announced via email this morning that Project-Firestorm’s puzzle game ‘Twist It’ is due for release in 2014. The game was first revealed on the developers Facebook page as a quick judge of interest for the project, it seems that this was successful and development has been underway since that point.

No current screen shots are available for the game but the developer has said they are looking at February 2014 as a projected date to show some in-game shots of the title in action.

Although details are scarce at this current point in time, Dreamcast Today has the following information on the game :

There will be three versions of the game 

1) Normal Edition

2) Limited Edition (no fixed contents list but possibly different cover art plus a B2 or B3 sized poster)

3) Deluxe Edition (the Limited version including an arcade stick, only for pre-order)

According to Project-Firestorm, there is also the possibility of ‘backing’ the game through funding and getting your character put into the game, what’s more interesting is the team are looking at releasing the game on an SD card with the bundled Dreamcast SD Card Reader peripheral, this would mark a first in regards to a game being released via this method as well as or instead of a general compact disc release.

The game will support VGA (640X480) and also native (800X600) resolutions, there will be a single player mode and 2P vs mode the possibility of a 4 player mode also isn’t ruled out if the interest is there.

Interestingly, the game will only be sold to players who are 18 years old or over and should be noted, that it isn’t a port of a mobile game which was speculated at the time of the original unveiling. 

The games progress can be tracked here :


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