Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness confirmed for 2014

It’s been one hell of a barnstormer for the Dreamcast this year with announcements left, right and centre but one game you’d be forgiven for forgetting is Isotope’s other Dreamcast game, Hypertension. It was believed that the game would never overcome it’s legal issues but according to Isotope’s head honcho, Corbin Annis; 2014 is the year we will be playing the game in our Dreamcast consoles! Isotope are well known to be also working on Scourge, also due in 2014, an interesting thriller shooter that looks a cross between No Cliche’s cancelled game Agartha and Alone in the Dark. 

Hypertension’s development cycle has been aided by former Reticon developer, Andrew Cardon. Andrew was key in the development of cancelled Dreamcast game, Tahi : Arocean War which was due to be unveiled in 2012 and suffice to say, didn’t happen. Dreamcast Today strongly believe that Andrew has found a good stable with Isotope and hopefully the alliance will continue into the future.

It’s believed that GOAT LLC will publish Isotope’s games for the Dreamcast after a lengthy hiatus from the Dreamcast scene.




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