So more news on upcoming titles heading to your Dreamcast soon.

Okay, so it’s been a little quiet as of late in the Dreamcast community, as we predicted many of the games due for 2013 have indeed slipped in to 2014. The good news is that both NG.Dev.Team and Watermelon have publicly addressed delays with their software since both NEO XYX and Pier Solar HD have slipped into December this year or Q1 2014 in Pier Solar’s case. Let’s take a look at what both companies have to say on the matter.


"**** NEO XYX Dreamcast ****

Development of the basic NEO XYX port to Dreamcast is completed. 
We now work on the extra screen mode.

Goal is to release NEO XYX DC before the winter holidays.

**** Dreamcast newcomer bundle ****

There is a new Dreamcast newcomer bundle available consisting of:

NEO XYX Regular Edition for Dreamcast
Gunlord Regular Edition for Dreamcast [reprint]
Pink Bullets for Dreamcast [reprint]

Saving up to 15 EUR.

Pink Bullets and Gunlord reprints are available too. 

Best regards,


About Pier Solar REPRINT pre-orders (Mega Drive/Genesis), given the amount of pre-orders still being low, we are tempted to keep waiting and pack production with our other games, but since those games are delayed, it becomes a bit of a problem, we are working on a solution atm.

Also, for Pier Solar HD (Dreamcast, …), we posted a video here
There are some delays too, but Q1 2014 is our target now.

If you have any comments, questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the support at bottom of each MGF page, we will answer you as quick as we can.



So there you have it, a little update goes a long way when it comes to us Dreamcast fans. Hopefully the extra time allows those who haven’t pre-ordered the games to do so.


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