Dreamcast spare parts.

It’s come to our attention in recent years the lack of decent spare parts for the Dreamcast. Some particular parts can be really difficult to obtain and others can be subject to heavy import duties, often resulting in owners having to buy a full donor machine. We here at Dreamcast Today have begun selling Dreamcast repair parts, we currently have Main Board VA1 and Controller Boards in stock in addition to Visual Memory Units and also replacement white shells for those looking to customize a Dreamcast casing without risking their own units shell.



We are also looking into selling ‘console only’ Dreamcast units from Japan and American regions at a very competitive rate. If you’re looking to repair a Dreamcast or are thinking about the cheapest way to own the machine, our eBay page could be worth checking out from time to time! 


Worldwide shipping is available too! 




4 thoughts on “Dreamcast spare parts.

  1. I have a Dreamcast but it seems the motor will no longer spin. Can I get a replacement gd-drive? Is that what I would need our is there an adjustment that could be tried first? Thank you.

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